CompleatContract is an automated contract management application that enables the simple capture and fully automated management of all forms of contract within in a single, centralised repository, accessible from any device. Diligent contract management is a critical part of running every business: it reduces risks and generates recurring cost savings by ensuring every contract is reviewed and best value achieved prior to the contract termination date.

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Capture, document and manage contract approvals and renewals

By maintaining a formal auditable record of all contracts for customer and supplier interactions, business professionals save both time and effort. Every contract is “owned” by an individual with fully automated alerts, capturing of all interactions and associated documents through to the final decision to renew or terminate in a timely manner.

Ensure timely reviews with contract ownership and alerts

Contract owners can easily capture their contract details, with fully category analysis, critical dates for reviews, termination, and renewal of their contracts. Fully automated notifications and alerts ensure all contracts are reviewed prior to renewals - with all the relevant information and documents immediately to hand. Dashboards and Reporting deliver a detailed oversight of all contracts, current activities and status, with direct links to each specific contract for a real-time view of status.

Automate tendering and supplier reviews

Businesses improve and streamline the process of getting best value across all of purchasing contracts, from selecting suitable suppliers, issuing tenders, tracking suitability and price comparisons, to supplier selection and order approval/ generation.

Work smarter and foster collaboration within the business

Share access to your contracts and updates with internal stakeholders who need to know – keeping everyone up to date and informed - from any connected device.

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Features and capabilities

Alerts and notifications

Receive timely alerts of review, termination and renewal dates and any other contract deliverable deadlines. CompleatContract ensures every agreement is managed in a diligent, timely and, comprehensive fashion.

A single, centralised, digital, repository for all corporate contracts.

CompleatContract is available as a stand-alone module or integrated with our other purchasing automation application modules.

Incredibly simple to deploy

Many of our customers opt for a cloud deployment, spend a day working with us to define and deliver the ideal configuration and training, simply upload their contract information from existing spreadsheets and go live.


We’re confident that we’ve got one of the most competitive, best-performing solutions on the market. Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your team work smarter.

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With our modules, you get the COMPLEAT Advantage

We offer a powerful modular software suite specifically designed to overcome SME financial management challenges that totally transforms the control and management of corporate spend.

  • Dashboard & Reporting

    Get the “compleat” view of spend during transaction entry and analyse trends and variances with pre-defined reports and dashboards utilising your key metrics.

  • Document management

    The next generation of document management, including sophisticated search of all digital resources for every user.

  • Security

    Users are allocated a Compleat security profile that controls their access, ensuring everyone only has access to the appropriate information and processes.

  • Mobile

    Information at your fingertips, from any connected device. Information is power, and instant access creates more effective people that make smarter, better-informed decisions.

  • Modular design

    Every Compleat module can be deployed independently. Available in the cloud or through a local deployment, making all of our automation projects a considered, strategic decision.

  • Integration

    Simple integration with your existing accounting/ERP software. We extend the capabilities of your existing ERP using our 'out-of-the-box' connectors - included within the price of our software.

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It’s our business to transform your business

We’re confident that we’ve got one of the most competitive, best-performing software solutions on the market. Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your team work smarter and faster.

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