Transformative digital procurement

Compleat is leading the digital transformation of purchasing by providing organisations of all sizes with the most cost-effective opportunity to save money on direct and indirect spend. Expand your purchasing function with digital procurement, cost savings and outsourced procurement services.

Why digital procurement?

Many organisations cannot access the level of data, scale of spend or the tools readily available to enable effective supplier negotiations and source and sustain ongoing savings. Historically, digital procurement was only available to the largest organisations due to the prohibitive costs of gathering spend data, software and consultancy costs and co-ordinating compliance. CompleatProcure changes the game by utilising our established smart spend software to drive sustainable savings via our tools, processes, expertise and resource.


Features and functionality

CompleatProcure combines digital procurement, cost reduction and outsourced procurement at a fraction of the cost of any other similar solution aimed at the SME marketplace. It is designed to give all businesses the ability to transition to a fully digital suite of functions:

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  • Data capture, review and analysis

    We track billions of pounds of spend aggregated from the data captured from the hundreds of thousands of invoices we process for our customers. Once a customer subscribes to the CompleatProcure programme, we extract line-level data for every single item their organisations have spent within a given time frame.

  • Control and visibility

    Utilising our comprehensive suite of tools and processes we work with you to review, configure, implement and manage your CompleatProcure journey towards achieving significant, ongoing cost savings. These include reports, dashboards, contract management, purchase to pay controls including approvals and budgetary controls, eSourcing / tendering, supplier management and much more.

  • Proactive contract management

    Maintain a register of all contracts with termination and renewal dates that can leverage Compleat’s digital platforms to trigger category and supplier reviews. Monitor spend by contract to make contract renewals a positive decision and never an oversight.

  • Making it easy to source via competitive tenders

    When you need to test the market and create a competition to track down the best suppliers, Compleat can help you define the tender processes and provide digital tools to help your potential suppliers easily provide you with the best prices and service offerings.

  • Project management and delivery

    We provide the resource, knowledge and expertise to help and support you to achieve demonstrable cost savings and service improvements for your organisation. This includes detailed project and account management alongside our wide-ranging and highly skilled support teams, on hand to ensure the success of each CompleatProcure customer project.

  • Knowledge and resource

    We believe we have the best people, software, suppliers, and resource available to help you achieve significant, long-term savings and service improvements. You'll be surprised by how affordable this is.

Powerful tools for better business

Compleat's powerful featureset means that there's a huge number of useful tools under the hood - designed to make business easier, faster and simpler. Speak to one of our sales experts to find out what we can do for your business today.

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