Purchase order and receipting

Swift, simple to use purchase order generation

  • Control spend as it happens

    Compleat delivers total oversight of every purchase in play to everyone that needs to know. Formal approval processes with automated budget checking, delivers visibility, auditability and control over the entire process.

  • Simple and fast purchasing processes

    70% of all purchasing is repetitive so our use of templates, catalogues and punch out make the ordering process both easy and fast - while enforcing the appropriate approval process every time.

  • Zero touch approvals - 'straight through processing'

    Compleat e-Invoices are automatically reconciled against orders and receipting, with a 3-way match being approved and posted to the accounts/ERP with zero touch. The nirvana of 'straight through processing' for every business.

  • Integrated project management

    Budget holders can create their own projects, associated budgets and spend timeline, then track the actual spend against them, replacing all of their spreadsheets.

  • Procurement oversight and control

    Our procurement workbench, and supplier and catalogue lockdown ensure best value while tracking the saving achieved.

  • Full commitment and accrual accounting

    Compleat enables much faster month end closes to speed up the delivery of management reports.

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Compleat is an intuitive, web-based purchase to pay system that will streamline your financial processes, empower your staff and transform your business.

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