Purchase invoice approval

Invoice approval that takes hours - not weeks

  • Simple, swift electronic approvals

    Approvers are busy people, so we make it extremely easy for them to approve everything from any connected device, with all the supporting information at their fingertips. Our automated reminders and personal “nudges” make approvals a quick, daily activity.

  • Comprehensive query management

    Compleat captures and tracks every invoice query. Who “owns it”, what has happened so far, the next action right through to resolution - helping finance and approvers to work together to keep supplies on side.

  • Single unified overview of suppliers

    Delight your budget holders and approvers with access to all the information on their suppliers, including turnover, every invoice awaiting approval or under query, plus approved invoices and payment statuses.

  • Fully automated order reconciliation

    Compleat automatically undertakes 2 and 3 way matches with the order and/or receipt and passes successful matches directly into the workflow. 3 way matches are posted to your accounting package with zero touches.

  • Real time budget management

    Provide your budget holders with instant access to their available budgets, helping them to proactively manage their spend moment by moment - removing all the phone calls and emails every month.

  • Accounting & ERP integration

    Compleat extends the functionality of every accounting / ERP solution through tight real time integration. Users only ever see the suppliers and general ledger information that is relevant to them - and on final approval, every invoice is automatically posted with a full audit trial.

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Compleat is an intuitive, web-based purchase to pay system that will streamline your financial processes, empower your staff and transform your business.

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