Our technology

Fast, secure and accessible from any device

Compleat is available in the cloud, hosted off-site or as a locally deployed solution. You decide what is best for you - and if that changes, the configuration can be changed in less than a day.


Compleat Modules can be installed as and when required

We limit the number of modules available by incorporating all of the functionality into the smallest number of modules possible. This approach allows our customers to become more sophisticated over time, without incurring additional costs.

Stand alone or part of a turnkey solution?

Every module can be consumed as a standalone application to meet your immediate priorities, but we also ensure that your initial investment can be built upon to deliver a long term strategic solution.

Utilise existing document management implementations

Compleat is easily configured to store all of the documents we create and capture within existing document management systems, accessible from both applications on demand.


Security is at the foundation of our application

Every user is allocated a Compleat security profile which controls their access - ensuring they've only got visibility of the information and processes that are relevant to their role.

Simple setup and maintenance

We strike the fine balance between security and usability - keeping administration to a minimum while ensuring available, relevant information is at each user's fingertips.

ERP Integrations

Compleat extends the capabilities of every accounting/ ERP application through tight integration

Compleat already has nearly 30 “integration connector modules” - covering a combination of industry leading applications and niche vertical solutions. We don't charge for these and we continually expand our accounting/ERP application support portfolio.

Fast, simple deployment

Almost every Compleat site is integrated into a current accounting / ERP application. Our technology and the strength of our API ensures the integration process takes hours, not days - and it includes upgrades to new releases.


Compleat makes upgrades simple and rapid

Whether you have a local or cloud deployment, upgrading to our latest release usually takes a matter of minutes to deploy.

Compleat is continually evolving

While we do add brand new modules from time to time, our usual approach is to include all new enhancements within our core modules free-of-charge - so we can deliver a constantly evolving, improving product. Why? Because the better our user experience, the more successful we all become.

Changing your accounting software?

No problem - it happens more often than you'd think. With a little preparation, we slide out the old, connect the new and run a utility wizard to ensure suppliers and GL coding reflects the new application. Then, you're up and running within hours on the new ERP platform.

Download our white paper for "What is good financial management?"