Electronic invoicing: Remove paper - instantly and forever

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is the exchange of a digital invoice document between a supplier and a buyer. An e-invoice is the automatic generation of a digital version of every invoice, irrespective of how the invoice was initially received (paper or emailed PDF etc.).

Go paperless from day one

There is no defensible valid, commercial or legal reason to retain a paper-based accounts payable process. Going paperless will transform your business. Every invoice is captured on receipt and the exact status of each transaction is instantly available to everyone who needs to know. Compleat already processes over £7bn per annum of invoice value for our Compleat Enterprise customers and this continues to grow rapidly.

Supports all formats

Compleat processes supplier e-invoices (EDI), output from OCR applications, emailed PDF, Word, Excel, text transactions, .htm / .html and ZIP files and scanned paper invoices – in other words, every invoice format. This includes single PDF’s that include multiple invoices, multiple page invoices, foreign currency and language invoices and dozens of other variations on the theme. When we encounter a new format, it is simply added to the list of supported documents, without your intervention and without cost to you. The more we add, the better our service becomes for all.

Comprehensive document management

Every invoice is tracked with a full audit trail from receipt to archived seven years later and is fully compliant with HMRC and VAT regulations.


The Compleat e-Invoicing as a Service delivers 99.99% accuracy for every PDF transaction processed. This is achieved by a thorough and comprehensive validation process that includes over 20 different activities, from simple ones such as do the Net VAT and Gross values reconcile, to more sophisticated tests such as whether the bank account details (account and sort code) match those held within your accounting software. Our methodology is far more robust and thorough than your current manual data entry process, significantly reducing the likelihood of a mistake and proactively protecting against fraud.

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