Removing all the paper - instantly and forever

  • Go paperless from day one

    There are no defensible valid, commercial or legal reason to retain a paper based accounts payable process. Going paperless will transform your business.

  • Support for all formats

    We capture all invoices formats, including EDI / XML data, PDF, text, Word, Excel, OCR import and scanned paper document and include document management “out of the box”.

  • Fully automated e-Invoicing

    Compleat already processes tens of thousands of invoices every month for our customers, delivering XML invoice transactions with the PDF directly into our Invoice Approval module ready for automated processing. No magic and no mistakes.

  • Comprehensive document management

    Every invoice is tracked with a full audit trail from receipt to archived 7 years later and is fully compliant with HMRC / VAT regulations.

  • Replacing unreliable OCR technology

    Compleat is replacing existing OCR deployments and scanning solutions because it requires much less time, less resource and is considerably cheaper than these legacy technologies.

  • Simple at scale

    Compleat e-invoicing is incredibly simple and fast to deploy, whether you process 1,000 invoices or 250,000+ per annum.

  • Helping your people work smarter

    Most accounts payable departments suffer high staff turnover. Compleat opens the door to a more interesting, collaborative job, and better career satisfaction.

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Compleat is an intuitive, web-based purchase to pay system that will streamline your financial processes, empower your staff and transform your business.

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Compleat's powerful featureset means that there's a huge number of useful tools under the hood - designed to make business easier, faster and simpler. Speak to one of our sales experts to find out what we can do for your business today.

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