Contract management

A single, centralised contract management repository

  • Capture and manage contracts and events

    Maintain a formal auditable record of all contracts and events, whether based on spend, milestones, health and safety issues (and other KPI’s).

  • Contract ownership and alerts to ensure timely reviews

    Capture the critical dates of review, termination and renewal to ensure all contracts are reviewed prior to automated renewals - with all the relevant information and documents immediately to hand.

  • Automate tendering and supplier reviews

    Providing the tools to simplify the process of getting best value across all of your contracts, from selecting suitable suppliers, issuing tenders, tracking suitability and price comparisons, to supplier selection and order approval/ generation.

  • Incredibly simple to deploy

    Many of our customers opt for a cloud deployment, spend a day working with us to define and deliver the ideal configuration and training, upload their contract information from existing spreadsheets and go live.

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