Document management

The next generation of document management

All Compleat users have full access to the information that relates to their role, making our document management functionality free of charge.

Why limit your search to just one document?

Intelligent scanning of a document only returns what's in it, or any “metadata” that you've added manually. With Compleat, we hold the entire transaction lifecycle - from the creation of a request to buy, through to the final approval of the invoice for payment. So what would you like to find?

Utilise existing document management implementations

Compleat is easily configured to store all of the documents we create and capture within existing document management systems, accessible from both applications on demand.

Optical character reading is dead

Compleat is replacing existing OCR solutions, especially for invoice capture. Replacing paper with email PDF invoices, our accuracy is significantly better than traditional OCR methods - and we return that saving through a much lower cost per transaction.

Attach any document

Simply browse to or 'drag and drop' any document into to Compleat, whether quotes, technical specifications, emails, contracts or expense receipts. The list is truly endless - and they're all available for access on demand.

Download our white paper for "What is good financial management?"