Smart spend solutions

eCompleat for mid-size and large businesses

Our enterprise modules deliver the next generation procurement software that extends your financial management system to the whole organisation.

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eCompleat is smart spend software that unifies finance, budget holders and procurement. This procurement software extends your financial management system to the whole organisation by automating invoices, purchase orders, contracts, expenses, budgets, and documents. It allows budget holders to proactively manage spend - working with finance in a single, seamless, auditable and paperless process. This modular software suite is the answer to mid-size and large companies' financial management challenges. Discover how we can help in this overview of our modules.


Invoice management software

eCompleatInvoice is an invoice capture, tracking and electronic approval processing application that helps accounts payable and finance teams simplify and control invoice management whilst accelerating the approvals process with budget holders, extending the capabilities of your existing accounting and/or ERP software through tight integration. 


Purchase order software

eCompleatOrder is a purchase order automation solution that enables accounts payable and finance teams to have full visibility and control over corporate spend. It captures committed and planned costs across the business as they take place, whilst empowers budget holders to improve their budget management skills and suppliers’ relationships in real time.


Purchase to pay software

eCompleatP2P (purchase-to-pay) combines the automation of order creation and invoice automation to revolutionise the entire purchasing process for finance, budget holders and procurement. Deliver a single holistic real-time view of every supplier, every current and historic transaction and the exact status of budget availability to improve financial management, whilst empowering budget holders to hone their budget management skills and suppliers relationships in real time.


Contract management software

eCompleatContract is an automated contract management application that enables the simple capture and fully automated management of all forms of contract within in a single, centralised repository, accessible from any device. Diligent contract management is a critical part of running every business: it reduces risks and generates recurring cost savings by ensuring every contract is reviewed and best value achieved prior to the contract termination date.


Expense software

eCompleatExpense delivers a simple to use, paperless, electronic expense claim automation application that gives finance full visibility and control over employee expenses. It provides employees with quick and easy to use means to capture their claims and receipts, accessible from any connected device, with fully configurable workflow approvals, tightly integrated into your accounting software for timely payments. 


Timesheet software

eCompleatTime is a smart and extremely easy-to-use project, time and task tracking automation application that makes it simple for professionals to capture and manage their time against nominated projects and activities and providing detailed reporting and analysis.


Work order software

eCompleatWork is predominantly used by property development and maintenance, construction, and housing organisations, but also education and other organisations with a large property portfolio. It enables the creation and online management for works orders directly between the project management team and the contractors. It simplifies and fully automates the issuing of initial work orders, manages variations, approvals and the entire billing process, taking the cost out of administrating a high volume of low value activities.

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