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Which contract management software is recommended online?

Reddit user GloomyCounty_82 asked a question over on the r/procurement subreddit:

What contract management software do you use?

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Before we look at the handful of helpful answers, we need to first understand exactly what we’re looking for.

So, what is contract management software? According to Wikipedia, “Contract management software is the range of computer programmes, libraries & data used to support contract management, contract lifecycle management, & contractor management on projects. It may be used with project management software.”. So, nothing you couldn’t have worked out by its name…

Another insightful piece by Wikipedia on “Contract Management” says “Contract management is the management of contracts”, so I guess if you can’t figure out what that means then you’re on the wrong web page!

So, what was suggested?

In no particular order…

MarketDojo seems to have been recommended by a person that works there, but they were transparent about it & asked questions to better understand the needs rather than waste their time.

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Another employee from a competing company was also stalking the sub reddit, just like me, Coupa.

contract management software conversation 3

The next recommendation does seem to come from an employee, & they even offered two solutions to check out. The user did not offer why but it is still worth checking out.

contract management software conversation 4

Cobblestone was the next contract management solution recommended & even as to why, seems like this person is a user themselves so has an honest take on the solution.

contract management software conversation 5

The last recommended was Jagger, this contract management software, just like Coupa, are a larger well known software company.

contract management software conversation 6

For anyone who has stumbled on to this blog wanting to know what contract management software is, well I would recommended checking out Best Contract Management Software in 2021: Compare Reviews on 160+ | G2 or even the wiki to get even more non bias information Contract management software - Wikipedia.

At Compleat, we offer Contract Management as part of our Digital Procurement offering, however we find that with the insights available through our Advanced Spend Analytics platform, contract management isn't needed for the majority of our customers!


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