James Donaldson Aug 23, 2021 9:37:00 AM 3 min read

What has Corona shown us? Partnerships in Business are Important

In a tough time, people turn to those that can help. Be that family, friends, colleagues, even random people on the internet. When the world was turned upside down people were separated and it was technology that allowed to people to connect and maintain their partnerships in business , even if it was through a screen.

Don't get me wrong, there were some advantages : no more dumb questions from coworkers about who would win over this or how much money you would need to get paid to do some weird scenario, and you do not hate them because they are dumb, but because it would take at least an hour of discussion and go nowhere.

But those people were missed, just as much as seeing friends down at the local pub, sports events, or musical events. The weird office friendships to the cross-company relationships that come from doing business are just as important and that’s why a smooth relationship with communication is important.

Where am I going with this on a business blog? Our business partnerships Compleat us.

Well at Compleat, we believe relationships are just as important as the business, partnerships in business , offering support where we can, helping when asked, taking part in discussions on how to improve and be better.

At Compleat we wanted to do one better, be proactive about it, so we built our new partner portal allowing us to support our business partners with whatever they could possibly need. From offering co-branding resources , marketing collateral to copy, modify, or just to get inspiration, we want to help by supplying resources to help you achieve sales, marketing, & client success goals. We have everything, from campaigns-in-a-box to sales demo guides.

Relationships are important and we want to make ours last a lifetime, so whatever we can do to support our partners, please reach out and we will get better together. If you think we are lacking anything, tell us. We don’t want to keep making the same mistake over and over. And that isn’t just inclusive to our partners but also our clients. Our client support messaging center/forum allows users to write down posts for all to see, view any support tickets they may have, and is integrated with all our documentation.

The Covid situation reminded us all that partnerships in business are important and our goal at Compleat is to build stronger and stronger relationships.

Have a look at Compleat’s Partner Portal, see how we support our partners.

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