Machela Moorcroft Mar 15, 2021 9:27:00 AM 7 min read

My Top 4 Working from Home Tips for Success

I won’t bore you with the usual working from home tips

“Make a dedicated workspace” or “stick to a routine”, these are the most common working from home tips, most of us already know these and frankly I don’t think they always work.

My take on things may not be for everyone but it’s helped me go from feeling bored and lethargic to motivated and proactive.

Working from Home Tip 1: The Kitchen

Do NOT allow yourself unlimited access to your kitchen!

If you’re like me and countless others you’ve probably put on a bit of lockdown weight. I quickly came to the realisation that if I still wanted to fit through my front door when we are allowed out again, I needed to restrict my access to the kitchen.

I kid you not, I have set myself times when I’m “allowed” to go get a snack and a cuppa.

The saying “we are what we eat” comes to mind, if you’re constantly eating rubbish, you’re bound to feel sluggish!

Working from Home Tip 2: Move

Don’t confine yourself to your home office!

In an ideal world the weather would be glorious, and we’d all be sat in our gardens or working from our favourite café, but since we are in a pandemic and it’s the middle of winter, we have to make do.  

Most people have their little rituals that help them focus and feel secure and I completely agree with having a dedicated workspace. But in our current situation we could all do with a bit more variety in our lives.

Sitting down all day has been referred to as the new smoking. The list of health issues from leading a sedentary life are endless.

Now, I’m not saying take up yoga or anything quite that strenuous. Personally, I am not a fan of exercise and have always struggled with it. These days chasing after my 1-year-old is as much fitness as I get. In saying that I always have the thought lingering in my head. So, I’ve made a few simple changes to my work routine that have helped me both mentally and physically.

Move around the house. This may not be possible for everyone especially if you have kids running around but when you can, try moving to a different room a few times a day. I always work better with a bit of background noise, so I’ll go sit in the dining room with the TV in the background, for some reason it helps me focus.

If you’re on a call (without video), try and make a point of walking around or even just stand up and have a bit of a stretch. Sometimes I’ll just pop my laptop on the windowsill and stand for a while, you can have a little nosey on the neighbours at the same time, so it’s a win win.

Working from Home Tip 3: Work Mates

Talk to your work colleagues about non work-related stuff.

Our social interaction is limited at the moment and for a lot of us video calls with our colleagues are the only daily interaction we’re getting, other than with our immediate family.

So why not have a good old chin wag with “Bob” from Accounts or “Julie” from HR. Talk about your dog or your kids or what series you’re watching on Netflix. Ask them about their day and just chat about something other than work.

If you get some free time why not just call up a teammate for a chat, believe me it really does help. The other day I was on a call with one of my teammates and we ended up talking for 45 minutes (sorry boss). I felt so much better, I smashed the rest of my workday.

Where does it say you can’t be good mates with the people you work with?!

Working from Home Tip 4: Music

There’s nothing like a good song to motivate you.

Music is a huge part of my mental health routine. I can be in the worst mood or just feeling really low, we all get those days. To get me out of my funk I’ll put on my favourite playlist or pop on the radio and just like that I feel like a weight has been lifted.

We all know that feeling when a great tune comes on and you find yourself singing your heart out and feeling like you can take on the world (or is that just me?!)

Countless studies have shown the benefits music has on your mental health.

If you need a little help getting started, here are some of my all-time favourite feel good songs.

Time to take on the day!

Use these tips and make working from home just that little bit more enjoyable!

We’d love to hear if you have any other tips, feel free to drop a comment or a message on social media!


Machela Moorcroft

From her previous role in finance for a not-for-profit in Australia, to her current position at Compleat, Machela has gathered some experiences worth sharing (and reading!). When she’s not herding creatives as Marketing Campaign Manager at Compleat, Machela is a devoted mother to Myles, obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi flicks, and enjoys hiking and hopes to walk the Camino de Santiago one day.