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Neil Robertson Jun 10, 2020 10:03:00 AM 7 min read

When did you last upgrade your business’ accounting technology?

As a result of new accounting and financial regulations, more than half (51%) of finance ...
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Neil Robertson Jun 9, 2020 4:04:00 PM 14 min read

5 Critical Steps for CFOs on the COVID-19 Commercial Front Line

Today, every senior financial manager is focused on ensuring the long-term health of ...
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Neil Robertson Jun 9, 2020 11:38:00 AM 8 min read

Finance Firms: Should You Invest In Employee Technology Training?

Updating or introducing new technology can be a significant investment for a company; not ...
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Neil Robertson Jun 5, 2020 11:32:51 AM 6 min read

What skills are needed for modern accounting?

Qualified accountants are in high demand in the UK, but the increasing use of financial ...
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Neil Robertson May 6, 2020 11:45:00 AM 7 min read

The importance of accounts payable management during COVID-19

How important is Accounts Payable management today? For most businesses, the accounts ...
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Neil Robertson May 5, 2020 2:08:22 PM 5 min read

The challenges ERP vendors & resellers face due to COVID-19

ERP vendors and resellers – evolving to survive and prosper in tough times On the 6th ...
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Neil Robertson Mar 13, 2020 9:15:00 AM 7 min read

COVID-19: Three Outcomes Finance Teams can Prepare for

The new coronavirus – COVID-19 – is changing our world in unprecedented ways.
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Neil Robertson Aug 27, 2019 2:05:00 PM 5 min read

Top 8 reasons to attend Accountex 2019

Exhibiting at Stand 640, Compleat is a Keynote Speaker and is hosting two speaking ...
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Neil Robertson Apr 29, 2019 2:05:00 PM 5 min read

Why you must take the plunge and ditch the budget spreadsheet

Let me start this blog by saying, that as a marketing manager, I love a good spreadsheet; ...
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