Lucy Day Aug 2, 2021 9:34:00 AM 8 min read

Sustainability — It’s Not Just a Buzz Word

Like so many over lockdown with all non-essential retail closing, I turned to the internet when it came to buying items I could no longer go to a shop for. For me, with pink hair to maintain, I considered hair dye an essential item!

In fact, I would say over lockdown; I saw more of our local Amazon delivery driver than anyone else. We’re on first-name terms now. I know the name of his dog, his kids, and even what his favorite color is. And while this sounds lovely, when it comes to sustainability, it’s not. The regularity of the Amazon van man’s deliveries didn’t even register with me that it was increasing my carbon footprint.

Simply put, if a delivery driver has to make eight trips to deliver eight items, instead of four, it doubles the amount of Co2 emissions, and that is a bad thing. Imagine that multiplied by however many millions of people order online every day.

Compleat Software is Now Carbon Neutral2

Since joining Compleat Software, sustainability has been a big talking point amongst ourselves. Not just because of our own efforts in becoming Carbon Neutral (which is awesome, by the way), but because of the increasing number of customers who are putting environmental sustainability where it should be. Front and center.

carbon emissions savings diagram

One of the newest developments within our Advanced Spend Analytics tool is the ability to track the number of delivers received for each supplier, and then see how this impacts Co2 emissions. This insightful dashboard can then help businesses analyze how much they could reduce Co2 emissions by, simply by consolidating orders together, and thus reducing the number of deliveries.

It’s a simple concept, but when you think about the impact this could have on our wonderful planet, it’s huge. Turning insights into action is something I wrote about last week and this concept within our Advanced Spend Analytics tool has already taught me a valuable lesson about why sustainability is important.

While I do genuinely like our Amazon delivery driver, I don’t need to see him every other day. The world will not end if I don’t get something tomorrow, and £4.99 ($6.99) to ensure fewer trips to my front door is peanuts. But there is so much more we can do.

amazon order image

I recently watched a fantastic series, which I found humorous and surprisingly educational. And was from a source I would have least suspected. : Jeremy Clarkson.

Amazon original clarksons farm graphicNow, I am not a fan. I would even go so far as to say I have a mild “dislike” for him, until I watched this.

While it was humorous to watch him get stuck in mud during his “wilding” project and see his face when he saw a lamb being born (and where his arm would have to go to help), it was, in fact, the knowledge I took away from each episode that has stuck with me.

Little did I know that the dramatic reduction in hedgerows in the UK had such a massive impact on biodiversity, and that insect populations in the UK have declined by 45% in the last four decades. Without insect populations, we as a human race cannot survive. It’s that simple. And if a foul-mouthed, cycle-hating, petrol-loving person like Clarkson gets it, and is doing something about it, then I think we all can take something from that.

But, you may be reading this and think this environmental sustainability is big picture stuff. How can my actions make a difference? Well, don’t think in those terms, instead, think of whom you are doing it for. Because sustainability is not just a “buzz” word, it’s something we all can and should get involved with. And therefore, it goes without saying that I am hugely proud to be part of Compleat Software’s continued efforts and vision to drive this forward both internally and for our customers.

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