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The rise of the super-procurement officer

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, companies find themselves in a constant struggle to remain profitable and push for sustainable growth. Cost-cutting is an effective but dangerous exercise.

Cut the budgets in the wrong place and you could be jeopardising product or service quality or your team’s morale. Where can you then shave unnecessary expenses in a reasonable and safe way?

Welcome the super-procurement officer.

Legend says these skilful professionals are masters of negotiation, are aware of the status of every order at any stage of the process and know exactly how much has been spent, with which suppliers, on what terms and can even go to the extent of giving the board of directors a breakdown by specific item.

You may be wondering, where can you find someone who could do this much for your business? The interesting thing is that this person is already working with you.

Any procurement officer should have fine negotiating skills, communicate effectively with suppliers, maintain strong supplier relationships, be results oriented and, of course, have the ability to collate and analyse data to ensure they’re meeting their objectives effectively. However, as much as most professionals in the position have all these skills, it is manual processes with disjointed and outdated information, as well as clumsy internal communication that gets in the way of their super-potential.

Compleat Procure is a robust tool for procurement, enabling them and key stakeholders across the company to raise, approve, comment on, edit and process purchase orders, including the ability to restrict orders to a custom product catalogue or even link to specific suppliers’ websites through our PunchOut functionality to bring the “shopping cart” back into the order.

From an order being processed, the system enables procurement to check the goods and receipts, which are automatically matched with the purchase order to ensure consistency in items and values, and then the 3-way match is completed when the invoice finally comes in.

This highly automated platform, which can also direct the approval to whoever needs to sign off the orders and invoices, collects information along the way to provide a full audit trail and an unprecedented level of granularity over the company’s spend.

All this business intelligence can then be visualised, in real-time through any of Compleat’s standard reports and dashboards. And of course, our highly-customisable product also allows space to create your own, so procurement can see precisely what they need to see to evaluate and negotiate deals with suppliers.

These are only a few of the features from our purchase to pay automation software that will complement your procurement officer’s skills, and help your company become wiser and better at controlling and analysing spend.

Give procurement the tools to do the job to a higher standard, and believe me, the super-procurers will rise.

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Philip Douglas

Philip Douglas is Chief Executive of Compleat Software. As a chartered accountant, Philip has extensive experience in UK, European and North American accounting. As a technical and application leader working with many leading accounting/ERP software vendors his accounting knowledge molds our products of today. Philip is the driving force behind our culture, products and vision and is the reason Compleat is the disruptive leader in the market.
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