Neil Robertson May 31, 2018 10:20:00 AM 3 min read

Sun, Sand, & Invoice Approvals

It’s the end of May and the UK has already enjoyed a few glorious days of sunshine. With them come the urge to soak every second possible of that vitamin D boosting warmth. Suddenly, all management seem to be disappearing on Mondays and Fridays, making the most of the weekends to enjoy the warm weather forgetting all work related tasks even the important invoice approval process.

It’s healthy to get out and live, but, what about that supplier whose payment needs to be approved and completed ASAP! Should you skip the chance of a chilled weekend to ensure all invoice approvals? HELL NO! You nominate an approver or approve on your mobile with a click, there, all done.

iCompleatInvoice comprises a simple, yet stress reliving functionality: nominated approvers. These are people within the organization you can trust to check and approve the invoices that otherwise would’ve needed to be approved by you. This function enables the process to continue working as a seamless, efficient machine which turns unintelligent invoices into a rich portrait of your spend, wherever you are.

If you can’t decide who to nominate as an invoice approver when you are away, or just like to keep an eye on everything that comes your way, then Compleat’s Mobile app is the way to go. With it, you can view, comment on, approve or deny invoices on the go and with minimal effort. Of course, if you really want to dig into the detail, you can also access iCompleatinvoice from any connected device.

We truly believe in a connected and efficient accounts payable process, where all involved parties can manage invoices and approvals with zero stress. Next time you fancy a long weekend in the sun but might need to chase invoices, think of iCompleatInvoice easy queries, approvals and nominee approvers and enjoy an AP-stress-free holiday.


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Neil Robertson

Neil has a 39-year track record of building successful direct and channel global software businesses predominately in the financial software market place. Neil Robertson is Executive Chairman of Compleat Software. A 39-year veteran of the financial software marketplace, Neil has a long track record of building disruptive start-ups into successful businesses, including his time as CEO EMEA of Great Plains where he built the business outside of the USA from 1995 - 2001. Compleat is no exception and perhaps the most disruptive of them all.
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