We’ve always done it this way” and other horror stories
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“We’ve always done it this way” and other horror stories

Written by:
Neil Robertson on June 15, 2018


It’s been a few weeks since Accountex 2018, by far the busiest yet most fun show I’ve had the pleasure to exhibit in (by the way, have you watched our CEO’s keynote presentation?). Our colleagues are now following up with those who were interested in maximising their profitability and enabling growth, and those who apparently were only after a nice pen and our now legendary thumbs.

As we’re now in a shiny-new-open-plan office, I’ve been too aware of conversations happening with prospects. The “we’ve always had this process” phrase has showed its face time and time again. There’s also the dreaded “we’re too small for it to help” and “my accountant (who charges by the hour) says it won’t make things better”.

I understand, sometimes, one doesn’t have the time to entertain the idea of changing your current processes, learning a new system and training others. Sometimes, you just want to get on with the day-to-day tasks and not think about anything new.

It’s the same old story with disruptive technologies – the advantage stays with the brave and the bold, the early adopters. The companies who are “too small” remain small as they don’t reap the competitive advantage that early adopters do. Those who blindly trust an external party who didn’t have their interests at heart regret not taking their own initiative and the ones who found comfort in their old way are forced to change to survive.
To the sceptics, I propose this: Let’s not talk about technology but solutions.


  • Giving real-time information on actual spend, projected spend and cash flow requirements to those who need to know.
  • Simplifying of the approval process and the time saving that comes with it.
  • Being audit-ready at any time.
  • Gaining control and savings when ordering goods.
  • Allowing make other business processes to become intelligent (contract management, expenses, timesheets, etc.)
  • Enabling an efficient and productive environment, where finance accelerates growth.


  • Reducing accounts payable’s admin tasks by up to 90% - allowing more time to bring added value.
  • Complying (and even surpassing) best practice guidelines in less time and with fewer resources.
  • Forgetting about supplier and other types of fraud as well as avoiding duplication.
  • Agility and clarity in the decision process with real-time information
  • Improving supplier relationships by avoiding delays and having a clear purchase history – this with the potential to up your credit limits and propel your business forward.

These are just a few examples of what our products can do for businesses. And I had to fight back the urges to talk about our great tech. But by all means, give our technology, yourself and your business a chance to bring you into a brighter, faster, safer and all - Get in touch now with our P2P automation experts, who would be happy to listen to your needs and recommend the best solution for you. We also invite you to join our webinars and product demos.

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