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Millennials: The new subject matter experts on resilience

Disclaimer: Millennials are becoming the new subject matter experts on resilience

With much discussion around millennials and their place among their colleagues, a clear trend is emerging:

Millennials are coming out as a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world. 

Given all the economic and social crises that have occurred in recent years (two recessions and a global pandemic, to name a few), millennials are gaining momentum as a positive influence in the workplace; even the finance industry is no exception.

Fast forward to today’s “new normal,” and you’ll find that millennials who currently work in corporate society are not only at an advanced stage of professional development but are also highly qualified and adept professionals who possess several key traits:

  • Autonomy and Resilience
  • High Adaptability and Eagerness
  • Thought Leadership and Innovation

Autonomy and Resilience

In our post-pandemic society, a brilliant revelation has occurred: There is no longer a precise method to do things, but rather a style of thinking.

Millennials are constantly finding themselves looking for new possibilities and opportunities to exploit technology to their advantage, only to boost their efficiency while also scaling their respective organizations.

This transformation of modern-day methodologies results directly from the worlds’ own quick growth and adjustments — a transition that most millennials may regard as a “sigh of relief”.

Since there are more things to accomplish, and we work less with the expectation that time is at our disposal, life can seem to move at a much quicker pace. 

Highly Adaptable Professionals

One of the more significant workplace developments is the emergence of a generation that prefers action to reaction.

Millennials have long earned their reputation for embracing the future and taking on new challenges rather than remaining complacent in their professions — and their go-getter attitude is high in demand. 

Due to their versatility, millennials are also extraordinarily proficient at assimilating their mentalities and skillsets to meet the needs of their professional organization.

Today’s millennial generation is also much more comfortable and flexible than previous ones, having grown up in an era of rapid technological adoption and increasing social & economic mobility rates. 

Thought Leaders and Innovators

A new age of leaders has emerged to reimagine what it means to be successful in business.

As they establish new business processes and strategies, millennials are beginning to reinvent what leadership looks like and how it is achieved — in some cases redefining their own way of thinking to develop a management style that positively benefits the entire organization.

This new generational uprising has resulted in a slew of like-minded professionals who constantly fuel their never-ending quest to explore creative ideas and advance their personal development. 

With this age group, innovation is critical — which means it can also be a double-edged sword.

Employers should be aware that if new ideas or a sense of company growth do not emerge, most of this generation will leave their current position only to fulfill that void at another organization that embraces such changes.

In a world designed to continue to change more and more every day, it is always important to remain objective and remember that not all generational demographics (including millennials) will fit the same mold. But, having been through several significant economic setbacks, this generation seems destined to be the subject-matter experts on autonomy and resilience.

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