Rachel Helliwell Apr 4, 2022 11:32:48 AM 8 min read

How we improved our company benefits packages at Compleat

What are company benefits packages, anyway? At Compleat, it's something we value.

Here at Compleat we knew we had to be competitive to attract &, more importantly, retain our best people while keeping an eye on the purse strings (or as they say in America: without breaking the bank).

To achieve this, we have recently torn up the old benefits package & started from scratch! We had some tough decisions to make & some difficult questions to ask ourselves:

  • What do our people want?
  • What should be standard?
  • What could make us stand out in this ever-competitive world of the SaaS industry?

We wanted to offer something interesting & innovative, but also something which supported our people, not just gimmicks which didn’t get used.

So how did we do it?

First, we held focus groups to understand what is important.

Then, we went to the market to see what comparable companies were doing & then looked to see what we could offer.

We quickly realized that work life balance is of huge importance to our people, with key factors being:

  • Saving money
  • Looking after our health
  • Improving mental wellbeing
  • Planning for the future

Back to basics

We wanted the team at Compleat to feel supported, not only when on top of their game but also when things weren’t so great. Therefore, we have introduced Vitality Health for everyone.

Not only can you get a smart watch but there are also all the other benefits which come with private health insurance.

Along with this, we introduced a scheme by Sodexo which, amongst money saving initiatives & salary sacrifice options, also offers an Employee Assistance Programme. A 24/7 confidential counseling service giving easy & fast access to professionals without long wait lists.


Work hard to play hard - or just work hard then have a rest?

Whatever the motivation for time off, it’s important for everyone to rest & relax. Therefore, we’ve increased the maximum annual holiday entitlement to 30 days, given the option to buy extra holiday & introduced a paid sabbatical of one month after every 5 year’s service.

Plus, everyone gets their birthday off! We know this may reduce birthday goodies in the office though!

Maternity & Paternity

We want to support the road into parenthood with more than statutory pay so we have increased the maternity pay to 13 weeks enhanced pay & 2 weeks enhanced pay for paternity leave.

Not only this but also the ability to spread the payments across the maternity leave giving equal payments & the comfort of receiving the same salary each month.

From experience, we saw that returning to work could be daunting so we have introduced a paid flexible return which gives our parents paid time off when they return. This is to allow them & their children to get used to their new routine.

Personal Growth

It was important that our people feel supported not only in their role but also as a person.

Our annual personal allowance of £240 ($300+) gives people their own pot of money to spend on something just for them.

This could go towards anything from a gym membership to cake decorating sessions or even off road 4X4 courses!

Whatever takes their fancy, we wanted to give our employees the financial freedom to do this.

The Close

As a HR professional, this is one of the most well rounded & generous packages I have come across in the private sector.

Of course, this comes at significant cost to the business, but a happy workforce is of utmost importance not only for productivity but also for job satisfaction.

We don’t get everything right first time but we’re working towards achieving a team who are loyal, motivated, & enthusiastic about their jobs with us!

Fingers crossed this package goes a long way to achieving this goal.


If you’re interested in a future with Compleat, check out our careers page for any open roles, or follow us on LinkedIn to keep updated for future roles!


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