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Coronavirus & the Adoption of Technology

The last year and a half have been tough for everyone, business had to adapt like no other time in history. Most employees were fortunate enough to work from home, but a mental shift was needed. For some home and work melded into one, no more traffic, no more rush and no more lack of sleep, they got their work done in their own time. The organizations that embraced the adoption of technology, transitioned with ease – discovering the newfound advantages that came with technology and automation.

For others it was a prison, work should stay at work and home is for family and friends, but they did their part to keep people safe. They adapted just as much as the business did, with a combination of technology, automation, and human spirt.

Working from home for coronavirus

The Coronavirus sped up the adoption of technology and automation like nothing else in business, it is no black swan event, but it brought it to the forefront of everyone's minds. People were rushing to find ways to reduce cost through P2P automation software.

Some companies still had paper invoices coming into their offices while everyone was stuck at home, other companies were looking to increase workers efficiency with messaging through developing a technology implementation plan.

No longer could colleagues and friends meet in the break room or yell across the office to ask a simple question, and no more useless meetings for these were easier to have as an email.

COVID Vaccine-1

What I'm getting at is that the coronavirus forced corporations to look at technology and automation where normally they wouldn’t, they would wait for contracts to be coming to an end, or they would just choose not to change it.

“It’s all ways been that way, why would we change it?”, “Lack of budget”, “The board won’t agree”, “We are locked in a contract”, is what most companies say, and this is not because the board members or directors are out of touch, they know just as well how beneficial the adoption of new technologies can be. Rather than the limitations of budgets, contracts, politics, and people, many companies began to think about how it will affect their work, and a lot of people do not like change and it both scales up and down the business.

were gonna need a bigger budget-1

What the Coronavirus has done has gotten those people use to online buying and automation technologies, they have had to. Amazon, Netflix, and Uber were just the start and even the heaviest of stalwarts clinging on to blue-ray and wired headphones were quickly kicked into the future.

Will adoption of technology continue?

Well, more people have an understanding and acceptance of technology and automation, most people are now seeing more and more automation components affecting their lives. Does that mean most companies will quickly be changing? No, most would like to, but money, politics, and red tape make it difficult.

  1. Plain and simple, lack of budget, budget allocated to other projects, not enough money in the bank.
  2. The he said she said of company politics and to many chefs in the kitchen believing this way is better than that way.
  3. The amount of red tape that people have to go through, budget allocation, contract renewals, getting colleague on side, speaking to salespeople, miss-information.

    Most companies need a champion, one person who has vision on what and how it could be better, be it finance, HR, or the legal department. This person wants change and is making sure people know what is possible and how they could be better. From discussing ideas to pitch meetings, creating decks, and budgeting to truly show the benefit of change.

    Get it on the company road map, make it important for everyone, for the business just not your department, this is where company politics becomes involved, get the vibe of how each department sees themselves, and how it will benefit them. Keeping on top of it, it may need short, sweet steps or one long jump. If you believe in it then tell people about it.

    Now more than ever, people see the benefits of technology automation and understand it, no longer will it feel like talking to your grandma over the phone trying to explain to her what a web browser is and why her mouse keeps disappearing of the screen.

    bad technology woman-1

    It’s time to play the game of thrones, specialized promises to form board room alliances, backstabbing when an ally loses favor, a hell of a lot of ass-kissing and most importantly, well-educated research and benefits for both you and the company. Hopefully soon you will see an adoption of technology culture in your workplace.


    game of thrones-1



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