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18 months of Compleat-ly unbelievable product updates

You asked, we delivered!

We’re so busy thinking about the exciting product updates we’ve got in store for our customers over the coming months that we sometimes forget to look back at what we’ve achieved.

Which is silly, because when we do it’s pretty great!

Here’s a heady look back at the new features & updates we’ve released for our customers over the past 18 months…

29th January 2021

  • Sage Intacct: Simple User-Defined Dimensions now pulled through to Compleat

Compleat can now extract simple User-Defined Dimensions (UDDs) from Sage Intacct, letting you code transactions with even more detail.

12th February 2021

  • Header-level tax extraction for Sage Intacct customers (US)

Customers in the US connected to Sage Intacct can now benefit from header-level tax extraction on invoices. If an invoice contains tax in the header, Compleat will automatically extract it to create a tax line.

26th February 2021

  • Grab your delivery address from Amazon Business when you're buying online

When buying with Amazon Business using Punch-Out, you can now select one of your saved delivery addresses in your Amazon Business account before heading back to Compleat to submit your order.

12th March 2021

  • Compleat can now share gross sales tax values with Sage Intacct - & more!

Customers in the US connected to Sage Intacct can now enjoy greater control over how Compleat handles sales tax, including the option to post gross sales tax values to Sage Intacct. Previously Compleat only shared net sales tax values, but we knew we could do better.

9th April 2021

  • Improved handling for part matched invoices

You can now copy specific lines from a partially matched purchase order & apply them to the matching invoice along with their coding as part of the matching process.

  • Create an automated action based on a matching status

Compleat can now apply rules to a transaction header using the invoice's matching status as the trigger. Receive a partially matched invoice from your stationery supplier? Have Compleat automatically add the submission comment "Contact if next invoice doesn't arrive within 24 hours".

23rd April 2021

  • Click to view an invoice’s Documents and Timeline from within Sage Intacct

Need a little extra detail when you’re reviewing your invoices in Sage Intacct? Simply copy the link in the description to open the invoice’s Documents and Timeline in Compleat in a separate browser tab.

7th May 2021

  • Clone your workflows in a single click

Create an instant replica of any workflow with just the touch of a button. Simply open a workflow, click the button in the bottom-right, & an exact copy of your workflow appears. You can then rename and tweak the workflow to suit different needs within the company, before saving it ready for use.

  • Transfer an invoice to another layout or company

This is a useful tool if you have multiple companies in Compleat, & one of your suppliers gets mixed up and sends an invoice to the wrong company. Or simply if you need to apply a different layout so that you can code your invoice differently.

4th June 2021

  • Change the PO number on an invoice & get matching back on track

Suppliers adding the wrong PO number to an invoice, or simply making a typo, can interfere with matching & create extra work. Now, you can simply click the new editing button beside the PO number on the invoice editing page, enter the correct one, hit Save, & you’re back on track.

  • Choose to post invoices to Sage Intacct as Draft or Submitted

We understand that you might want to carry out further action on invoices once they arrive in Sage, so we’ve added the option to submit invoices to Sage either as Draft or Submitted.

2nd July 2021

  • More criteria for creating custom automation rules

You can now create custom automation rules based on these invoice header details:

  • Supplier email address
  • Registration number
  • Bank sort code
  • Bank account number
  • IBAN
  • Swift code
  • Bank name
  • File name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2

What’s more, you can now make rules that influence the entire transaction, rather than simply the header or line. This includes being able to transfer the invoice to a new company based on custom criteria.

16th July 2021

  • Come & chat to your peers in the Compleat Community!

A place to meet your peers, have your say, & feel a little less alone in this strange & wonderful world of AP automation.

 Create automation rules using your own custom codes

Until now, custom rules criteria was limited to the codes & analysis items Compleat caches from your finance system. You can now create rules based on both the unique custom codes that you create, plus any data that Compleat extracts from invoice headers.

  • Choose the supplier types you'd like to cache from Sage Intacct

As a Sage Intacct user it’s likely that you use its handy feature to split your suppliers into different types. We’ve added the ability to choose exactly which of these supplier types you’d like to cache into Compleat & which ones you aren’t concerned about using here.

21st September 2021

  • Use Single sign on with Azure Active Directory to log in to Compleat

Use Azure to register your users in Compleat through their Microsoft accounts. Then they can log in to Compleat in a single click, without having to create a new password.

8th October 2021

  • New address book for ordering

If you use a finance system that doesn’t allow for multiple addresses to be selected from when ordering, you can now make an address book in Compleat & apply any delivery when you’re creating orders.

5th November 2021

  • Partially receipt an order item

You can now partially receipt a single order item up to two decimal places! This is useful when, for instance, an order with a single line for one ton of sand gets staggered across four deliveries containing 250kg of sand each. Or when a supplier runs out of stock & makes a partial delivery of just one of your line items.

19th November 2021

  • Sage 50 (UK) v28.0.226.0 connector

We've added a new connector for Sage 50 (UK) v29.0.226.0.

  • Post 1099 supplier line details to Sage Intacct

Compleat will now detect 1099 suppliers in Sage Intacct & allow you to select which invoices lines will post to Sage Intacct containing relevant 1099 supplier information.

17th December 2021

  • Sage 200: Better control over posting date settings

We've added an editable Posting date field to invoice layouts to give you greater control over the posting of your invoices to Sage 200. The Posting date field appears on the invoice header & can be edited when necessary to post an invoice to Sage 200 within the correct open posting period.

28th January 2022

  • Introducing: Punch-In by Amazon Business!

Want to upgrade your purchasing process without your buyers even noticing? Punch-In provided by Compleat Software & Amazon Business is here! Punch-In by Amazon Business makes sure every purchase you make is fast tracked for P2P automation in Compleat. Simply log in to Amazon Business, add items to your basket, head to the checkout, & Amazon will send your order to Compleat, ready to be coded, approved, & submitted.

19th April 2022

  • Order options for better matching clarity

Whether it’s a part-match, over-match, or a perfect match, the Order Options menu is there to give you the full picture. Just click on an invoice in any tray, hit Order Options at the bottom, & you can view the corresponding order’s Documents & Timeline, or see the original order itself – without even having to leave the invoice.

  • Sage 200c Pro 2022 R1 Connector

We’ve created a new connector for Sage 200c Pro 2022 R1.

  • Exchequer Connector

We’ve created a new connector for Exchequer. Customers using the Exchequer finance system can now integrate it with Compleat for the full P2P experience.

  • Hybrid Cloud: Upload your reference data via SFTP

If you’re using our Hybrid Cloud connector you can now upload & maintain your reference data via SFTP, making it quicker & easier to manage updates to your data within Compleat.

3rd May 2022

  • Advanced Spend Analytics & Carbon Tracking

Advanced Spend Analytics (ASA) is a powerful reporting tool that gives you detailed insights into your expenditure in Compleat. The Compleat Sustainability report sits alongside the ASA report to help you simultaneously make savings & reduce your company's carbon footprint.

27th May 2022

  • Export your invoice & order trays to .csv

We’ve added a button in the top-right of your order & invoice trays that lets you export the tray contents to .csv for your own reporting & analysis purposes.

  • Jump to Compleat transactions from Sage 200

We’ve added a clickable URL to transactions Compleat posts to Sage 200 that will take you to the original transaction in Compleat.

Think that’s exciting? Wait until you see what we’ve got planned for the next 18 months. We can’t wait to show you what’s around the corner!


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