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Compleat Software is Now Carbon Neutral

Just like the Planateers from Captain Planet doing their part to save the world, so is Compleat. 

No, we didn’t summon a superhero from our rings, but we did go Compleatly carbon neutral (you see what I did there, Compleat = Compleatly!!!).  

Compleat is doing its part for the environment and has recently been awarded its carbon footprint certificate. 

Ok cool... but what is the Carbon Footprint Standard?  

An internationally recognized standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials: 

  • Unified and independent method to manage carbon and energy.    
  • Recognizes all stages of carbon management - from assessment to carbon reductions and carbon neutrality. 
  • Applicable to organizations, businesses, products, projects, services, and events. 
  • Aligned with international best practices/standards. 

Thank God for Google I got this right on the Carbon Footprint Standard web page here: carbonfootprint.com - Carbon Footprint Standard 

So, what did Compleat actually do to become carbon neutral? 

Our carbon emissions were calculated, we reviewed our carbon management plan, we planted trees (we didn’t actually plant the trees ourselves if we are being honest) and then we offset 26 tonnes of carbon (that we really did).  


What Are Our Future Targets you ask? 

  • Reducing our energy consumption even further. 
  • We are looking into offsetting 1 tonne of carbon for every customer. 
  • Continuing to watch our overall footprint and taking responsible steps to reduce our emissions. 

Right about now you're probably feeling sad from missing out, well don’t worry we have you covered.  

Now for the sales pitch… 

Compleat offers a Carbon Emissions savings tracker. 

What does that mean?  

Well, it’s a tool that tracks the standard delivery of a transport van between the delivery location and the main delivery hub of that supplier. It then tracks the number of deliveries from this supplier and shows you the reduction in carbon emissions that can be achieved. 

It simplifies that process, allowing you to batch orders whilst also educating your users to place orders in bulk, less often. 

You can even use this data to support your organizations' environmental aims. 



Not trying to guilt-trip you here but you want a healthy planet, right? Click here to learn more about the carbons emissions savings tracker.  


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