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Automate Your Accounts Payable Process To Focus On What Really Matters

Automating Your Accounts Payable Gives You Back Lost Time

Automating your accounts payable is something a lot of businesses push to one side.  

However, the benefits, whether it’s having more time to grow your business or just being able to spend more time with family, far outweigh the costs. 

manual accounts payable process consumes countless hours & funds that could be better spent elsewhere! I should know, I used to be that poor, overworked accounts payable officer. I still have flashbacks of spending my days chasing down purchase orders  & manually entering invoices.  

My Year + Working Remotely

If like me, you have been working from home this past year, you will understand there are challenges involved with this new way of working for both businesses & individuals. Many businesses have realized they just aren’t set up for remote workingBut what has this meant for their employees? 

In my case, I'm lucky enough to work for a company that created software that makes working remotely a walk in the park, so the benefits have far outweighed the challenges!!  

I returned from maternity leave bang smack in the middle of this pandemic & working from home has been a lifesaver! It’s allowed me to continue growing my career while being a mom to my 1-year-old son. 

Having children is a challenge at the best of times but when you add a full-time job to the mix things can get a little crazy.  

Return To Work 

used to constantly stress about my return to work & being away from my son. So many questions were rattling around in my head. Could I have a career & be a good mom? Would the constant mom guilt be too much? How would I keep on top of household chores? The list goes on!  

At one point I was faced with the real possibility I may have to give up my job because being in the office 40 hours a week plus commuting was just not an option!  

My marriage has also benefitted. Having more time at home meant I've been less drained at the end of each day. After I put my son to bed, I have enough energy to have a real conversation with my husband instead of just collapsing on the sofa with my head in my phone.  

It's also allowed household responsibilities to be split more evenly instead of falling solely on one person. Like the saying goes guys, “Happy wife happy life” & this is all too true in our household.  

It's been the little things that have made all the difference. Simply being able to throw a load in the wash on my lunch break or picking my son up from daycare.  

Women are often forced to choose between having a career or being a mother & Men often miss the day-to-day joys of family life because they spend long hours at the office. 

This new way of working allows people to have the best of both worlds - & who doesn’t want to have their cake & eat it too? 

It Isn’t Just Hearsay, The Studies All Back It Up!  

Studies have reported that those that work remotely are more likely to be productive & are far less stressed than those that work in an office full time, surely a happy workforce is good for business?

We Practice What We Preach. 

Compleat Software, like many other businesses, has realized this new way of working could be the future, even after Covid has ceased. 

I know I thank my lucky stars that I work for a company that supports family values & invests in its employees. It makes me want to work that much harder knowing my employer has my back. 

But for those businesses that don’t have the right infrastructure in place, having a workforce at home could have negative effects.  

Accounts Payable automation is great place to start when transitioning your business to this new way of working & it can lead to countless more opportunities for business development.


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Machela Moorcroft

From her previous role in finance for a not-for-profit in Australia, to her current position at Compleat, Machela has gathered some experiences worth sharing (and reading!). When she’s not herding creatives as Marketing Campaign Manager at Compleat, Machela is a devoted mother to Myles, obsessed with fantasy and sci-fi flicks, and enjoys hiking and hopes to walk the Camino de Santiago one day.