AP & P2P Automation for EVERY Industry

Every business undertakes purchasing & accounts payable processes & over 90% of these processes are common to all businesses. 

The differences between organizations depends on their size & sophistication, the levels of legislative disciplines required (& the implications these has on approval workflows), whether they maintain stock (& need to automate the 3-way matching processes) & finally their ambitions for the level of automation they want to achieve over time.

Compleat’s primary strength is our ability to address the 10% of requirements that make each business unique – out of the box with no fuss – & enable every customer to commence their journey to full automation, within a single application, without risk.

We work with ALL industries, here’s just a few of them…


Compleat education customers include MATS, public & private sector establishments, reflecting the financial pressures to make commercial ends meet, & the ability of automation to demonstrably make their budgets stretch further. 

We have also partnered with the leading suppliers to this sector, including Amazon Business, YPO, Browns Books, Screwfix, Lyreco, Office Depot, Staples (& many more) to deliver fully integrated online buying as part of the automation process. White Horse Federation took over 250 staff live in a single day, buying online from Amazon Business & YPO – with 100% user adoption, because it is so easy & convenient. 

The time & cost savings achieved go far beyond a simple ROI. Compleat is making a material difference to the school’s finances. 

Excited woman has found her industry can benefit from AP automation from Compleat Software

Not-for-profit / Charities

Controlling costs has never been more important within the NfP sector. 

NfP regulations & statutory reporting requirements add a mandatory level of additional sophistication to every purchasing & AP automation project.  

Compleat have built a very broad international base of NfP customers, reflecting our ability to meet these sector requirements, out of the box.  

A simple example is our advance “Group Approval” workflow capabilities which ensure that 2 (or more) Trustee’s sign off major expenditure in the most time efficient way possible. 


Hospitality is a very broad sector, covering restaurants, hotels, exhibition providers, theme parks, holiday centres, zoos, & many more.

Compleat has built a broad base of customers across all these sectors, together with the specific expertise to address the differences between them, all from within our core functionality.

Manufacturing & Distribution

A core requirement for manufacturing and distribution businesses is the effective management and accounting for stock.

Compleat achieves this through tight real-time integration with the underlying accounting / ERP software to automatically extract purchase orders and receipting generated within these applications and fully automate the invoice capture, 2 & 3 way matching & approval processes, updating the underlying ERP on final invoice approval.


Compleat is designed and priced to be affordable for every size of business and we have many customers with just 5 users and processing less than 1,000 invoices a year that use our applications.

For many, the primary driver for automation is time. Very busy accountants and bookkeepers need to make more time available and achieve this by removing the tedious and repetitive AP processes, so they can focus the time saved on more important and valuable work.

A small Compleat site is usually deployed, configured and fully operational in literally a couple of days, and makes a real difference to these busy people’s lives.

Enterprise Scale

Compleat also scales to address the needs of very large, multi-company, multinational organisations, including multilingual support at user level.

Our customers include organisations with over 1,000 users, processing over 100,000 invoices per annum, often incorporating multiple business sectors.

We achieve this through leveraging the breadth and depth of our “out of the box” functionality, enabling these organisations to utilize these capabilities to fully address their more sophisticated requirements.

All other industries / every business size

One of Compleat’s greatest strengths is our ability to meet the demands of every business, keeping it simple and affordable, but also making it possible to continually enhance the level of sophistication deployed to meet both current and future requirements as they evolve.

We know that every purchasing and AP automation initial project is always unique, as is the onward journey to full automation over time.

Every Compleat customer gains access to all of our applications’ capabilities within a single subscription price – given you comfort that you have made a truly strategic purchase that will grow with you without the barrier of increased cost.

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