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Purchasing automation made simple

CompleatBuy - easy and fast for everyone involved

Every finance department would love a formal ordering process, but getting everyone in the business to play ball can be challenging.

So make it easy. Start the transition by delighting your staff with a great buying experience with our integrated online buying through Amazon Business, and then build out from there.

Fast, easy and convenient inside and outside the finance department

Every purchase always starts with an order, however informal the current process may be. 

But to drive user adoption of purchasing automationthe experience of raising a request to buy (requisition), getting it approved and sent the supplier needs to be as convenient, easy and fast as is technically possible. Do that well, and finance achieves all of your goals by default. 

Visibility and control

Gain total oversight and control over the entire process in real-time 

Streamlined operation

Just replicate common orders and amend them as required. Job done

Intelligent approvals

Intelligent workflows including approval groups and concurrent approvals for faster sign off 


Simple and fast for requests to buy, GL coding and approvals

Online buying

Integrated online buying for the ultimate buying experience 

Commitment Accounting

Full commitment accounting for the most accurate cashflow forecasting 

Invoice capture and match

Fully automated invoice capture and PO match to highlight and manage exceptions 

GL coding and approvals

Optimise GL coding and workflows using “defaulting” at both order and invoice stage 

Posted to your accounts

Fully automated posting to accounting software on final invoice approval with full audit trail 

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Purchasing automation that delivers substantial and sustainable cost savings

Saving time is not the same as saving real money. To make substantial and recurring savings requires procurement expertise, instant access to all of the spend data and the tools to both identify and deliver those savings against what you already buy.

Compleat provides this capability, whether to help your own resource or provide it as part of our service.

To find out more see CompleatProcure

Compleat Journey 2020

The Compleat Accounts Payable & Purchasing Automation Journey

Do you know what needs to be considered before acquiring and implementing an AP automation solution? We do. In this guide, we’ll highlight and explain the importance of four key steps in the accounts payable automation and purchasing process, as well as how they benefit your business.

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    “CompleatInvoice saves us so much time – about 80% of the old manual process – to focus on the more important things in life.”

    Nathan Holmes

    Data Medik

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    “My primary objective remains to save everyone in our business time and I can confidently say that with CompleatInvoice, the time savings can be in excess of 90% over any manual AP process.”

    Mehrdrad Modarres, Finance Director

    Food Alert

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    "Compleat is a very powerful application, but the flexibility and configuration deliver a very simple user experience.”

    Nick Napier, IT Director


Simple to use and fast to deploy.
Try it for yourself

Our application is designed to make it simple, easy and convenient for those that order, and provides finance with complete control over the entire process. Everyone wins.

If you want to see Compleat in action, we offer a 30-day free trial. Check it out for yourself using the button.

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Buying and ordering leads to procurement

Understanding how purchase automation and online buying work together to create efficiencies is strengthened with this fact sheet to download to sign post towards the further, strategic benefits available from automation.

Download fact sheet
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Discover the whole story

Click to watch our explainer video which summarises how Compleat's automation capabilities and spend analytics combine to offer greater efficiencies as well as substantial savings in the prices of regular purchases of goods and services.

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Compleat, simplicity that delivers a strategic difference

Compleat Overview

Automation to transform accounts payable and the jobs of your staff


Digital and OCR invoice header and line capture


Using your spend data to save money on everything you already buy


Makes it simple and fast to raise an order for everything you buy

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