Transformative digital procurement process software

Compleat is leading the digital transformation of purchasing, providing organizations – of all sizes – with the most cost-effective solution to save money on direct and indirect spend. Our procurement process software expands the purchasing function, helping to cut costs through our outsourced procurement services and achieve organization-wide control through real-time spend analytics.

Without digital procurement tools, businesses struggle

Procurement Process Automation

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Unable to justify investment in procurement

As spend information is locked away in invoices, making the case for investment in procurement to identify savings is increasingly difficult.

Missed opportunities to save money

Thanks to manual procurement review processes across the organization, opportunities to save money are missed or not achieved soon enough.

No granular spend analytics

Lack of spend visibility and detailed analytics prevent effective negotiations with suppliers and the ability to prioritize by category.

Staff not using prescribed suppliers

When staff doesn't use suppliers approved by procurement, potential savings go unrealized and the investment in procurement is undone. 

Access to best prices

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CompleatProcure allows you to leverage the aggregated buying power from the spend of all our customers combined.  By joining our “club”, you will immediately be able to access discounted pricing on core business goods and services.

Instant access to granular spend analysis – achieved through the harvesting of supplier invoices stored in our CompleatCapture application – informs where spend is focused, allowing guided selection of competitive alternative suppliers.

Data capture, review, and analysis

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By automatically calculating the aggregate spend from every supplier invoice processed, our procurement process automation software presents a unique insight of spend to support procurement activities by category, supplier and/or item/commodity. This data can then be used to negotiate the best prices and deliver realistic savings projections.

We can then work with you to review how this data can be used as a benchmark against potential suppliers.  We process billions of pounds of spend and our experts can help you navigate your way through the data.

Proactive contract management

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Maintain a register of all contracts with termination and renewal dates, use Compleat’s digital platforms to trigger category and supplier reviews, and monitor spend by contract to make contract renewals proactive and never an oversight.

To maximize efficiency, work with our procurement experts to evaluate existing customers against potential new suppliers and manage sourcing/tendering procedures through to award.

Delivering the savings each and every day

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Utilizing our comprehensive suite of tools and processes, we work with you to deliver a Compleat platform that ensures your colleagues use the selected suppliers, goods and services you have sourced.

And we go further than just providing lists of the best prices; through our buying tools, we actively ensure that your teams are guided to buy only from the suppliers that will deliver the savings and service improvements you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How will buying software and services save me money?

We do not assume that our procurement process automation software (Compleat) alone is the answer to the challenge of reducing costs but, by moving all your buying and procurement processes into the digital realm, you introduce efficiency and accuracy that is usually unavailable to most organizations. 

The data in every invoice you receive will be harvested automatically and stored in a secure, granular database for analysis and to make data-driven decisions about where to seek savings. Your invoice data and our knowledge of procurement and sourcing combine to deliver a compelling opportunity to realize value from the data that is normally locked away in filing cabinets after invoices have been approved and paid.

How quickly can I show a return from CompleatProcure?

Almost immediately. CompleatProcure comes with a series of ready-to-use suppliers for core business supplies, such as stationery and other office consumables. These relationships have been nurtured by Compleat’s team and are delivered via our software by connecting it to the suppliers’ e-commerce-enabled websites.  This means buying at better prices is available virtually from day one and we typically expect to see savings of 10-15% immediately. 

Additionally, as Compleat’s platform builds up its knowledge of your spend categories, as invoices are processed through our tools, we will use the data gathered to work with you to identify priority areas for cost reduction review. There are some remarkable savings to be achieved by working with your data and our experts to deliver returns in noticeably short time frames.

Compleat will (within one month of invoice capture commencing on our platforms) present a detailed analysis of spend by category and savings potential. This can be used as the baseline for reporting to show progress as we begin the digital transformation of your purchasing activities.

How will this affect my existing suppliers?

Your existing suppliers will benefit from your adoption of an online accounts payable/procurement process automation solution, delivering invoices into your organization faster and more accurately. They are likely to be paid more quickly by you, so they will be happier to engage in positive contract review discussions aimed at securing your business for the future. Your negotiations will be based upon accurate, granular data which will give you more leverage, as well as your ability to assure suppliers that you will be able to deliver the anticipated volumes of orders (as you will be deploying the Compleat platform to enable you to guide users to your preferred providers).

Can I still work with my existing suppliers?

Yes, CompleatProcure will only enhance the overall position of your spending activities.  Adopting our approach will not compromise your existing supplier relationships as these are critical to your ongoing operations and to the collection of data from your invoices which drives everything. Compleat aims to provide you with options and choices to drive cost reduction. You may choose to initially use a few of these in order to prove savings can be realized before moving on to other areas. We would expect to work with you over time to develop the potential across all categories of spend, both direct and indirect. Typically, we start with indirect spend covering non-controversial overhead areas, but we can move into all other areas once you’ve seen results from our approach.

The digital transformation of procurement

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Whether you’re tired of manual processes, looking for greater control and visibility of spend or just need a scalable solution. The Compleat suite of tools provides everything you need.

With the Compleat suite of tools, you can eliminate everyday errors, minimize rogue spending, accurately forecast budgets, plan financials month-by-month, quickly make routine purchases, automate invoice data capture and approval and much, much more.

Ultimately these tools lay the foundation for your digital procurement infrastructure set you off on your journey and enable your organization to scale, be more efficient and reduce costs.

Finance teams

Automate accounting transactions to modernize your processes, service colleagues better, work with confidence and achieve more with less effort.

Budget holders

Access analytics, process approvals & manage delegated budgets from a single platform. Reducing administrative touchpoints & enabling data-driven decisions.


Empower procurement teams with accurate spend data, enabling sourcing conversations that support the whole organization and sustain savings into the future.


Drive collaboration and teamwork by leveraging shared analytics and resources, encouraging teams to work efficiently and focus on common organizational goals.  

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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