Smart spend and purchase order management software

Our purchase order automation software enables accounts payable and finance teams to easily capture cost commitments in real-time with smart buying tools. From online buying links and budget checking to embedded spend analytics and automated tools, empower staff with delegated authority to buy responsibly and from preferred suppliers.

We help you overcome these day-to-day purchase challenges...

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Poor visibility on cash and budget headroom

Without visibility of spend commitments, spreadsheets become the go-to for spontaneous spend, resulting in conflicting data sets, more admin and more errors.

Maverick, uncontrolled spend

Buying goods and services is often performed in non-standard and unauthorized ways – by phone, email or websites – affecting cash flow and profitability.

Missed potential savings

Ad hoc buying leads to missed opportunities to leverage savings, improve supplier relationships and streamline the procurement process.

Inefficient procedures cost time and money

Paper-bound processes slow down decision-making, disrupt your operations where multiple approvers are required and hide the true picture of spending.

End-to-end cost and cash visibility

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Information fuels organizations, so the need to understand costs and cash requirements is key.

Compleat gives you the information, tools and forms you need to capture buying activity, create purchase orders and analyze spend, budget position and cash requirements in real-time.

Reports can be requested on-demand with drill-downs into transactions and supporting documents, while data can be presented within transaction approval screens, supporting real-time decision-making.

Minimise unauthorised spend

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Even if you don’t currently use official purchase order forms, your staff do instruct selected suppliers to deliver goods and services. 

Compleat allows you to introduce, via form tools, approval disciplines that allow managers to make advanced decisions on spend and limit which suppliers may be used.

Also, dynamic approval routing (available on mobile and email) ensures delegated authorities are applied without restricting operational activities. 

Use our purchase order software and start spending with confidence and in line with organizational limits.

Achieve and sustain savings

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Without purchase monitoring or control, potential savings will never be realized.

Our purchase order software will help you to automate transaction capture. Once it knows what you buy, from whom, and how much you pay for each item, it can then model the full savings potential. 

Then, our expert team will research and introduce you to suppliers offering better prices and our software will be configured to ensure those sources are used for goods and services.

Automate for efficiency, scale and insight

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Too many administrative touchpoints slow down your processes and introduce inefficiencies.

Compleat transforms the capture and processing of both supplier invoices and purchases through online transaction approval. This reduces administrative touchpoints and protects against data and document loss.

All data is captured digitally to provide visibility of organizational spend and highlight where savings can be achieved and sustained. Accounting systems are then updated automatically and engaged users embrace common goals without the friction and disruption of manual processes.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How does automating invoice processing lead to cost savings?

Compleat encourages organizations to orientate projects around the capture and automation of invoices as a first step. This is because it initially delivers several critical benefits that will be necessary for future developments. As data is captured from each supplier invoice, the information is stored in a way that is useful (not to financial accounting) for procurement analytics. 

Our sourcing specialists then use this data to advise our own teams, who in turn help our customers to identify cost-saving opportunities across every category of spend.

Without the captured data, the procurement spend intelligence is locked up in paper invoices as it is not entered into typical accounting software. From this data, savings on both indirect and direct spend can be achieved over time, with savings of 10%-15% typically achieved within 1 month of implementing our purchase order automation software. The buying solutions can then be deployed to ensure staff work with preferred suppliers of goods and services who will deliver savings.

How can I persuade my colleagues to use an online buying system?

Any change to processes and procedures affects staff and is a key factor in any digital transformation solution, perhaps the most significant.

Taking this into account, it’s important to engage with affected staff at the outset of the project as if the solution fails to engage users, they will not embrace it and, regardless of the software’s capabilities, will seek workarounds to avoid it. 

Also, include end-users and central service staff in all stages of the project (including selection). Make sure to hear their requirements so the chosen solution meets their needs and they embrace it.

What typical return on investment (ROI) can I expect?

Most investments in IT solutions to automate hitherto manual processes model ROI on labor savings. This is a key element of Compleat’s purchase order software as it delivers a more than 70% reduction in labor for current accounts payable activities.

However, Compleat doesn’t always anticipate direct attributable savings and instead points to the gain of having staff engaged in more value-added activities, such as improving supplier relationships or budget holder management training for buying staff.

With our Procure proposition aligned with our Buying solutions, your ROI can be substantially more than the investment to acquire the solution.

Purchase order software that transforms sales orders

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Bad, ad hoc spending decisions are usually discovered too late and investigations create invoice payment delays, disrupt cash flow planning, strain supplier relationships and break budgets as well as miss potential savings.

With our software’s clear and easy-to-use online forms, you can guide buying with optionally embedded summary data, produce clear contracts (purchase orders) with suppliers, and allow light touch control over user behavior.

The result? Smarter buying, derived from access to real-time spend data. Reduced troubleshooting queries, improving relationships and supply chain integrity. Budget overspends become decisions, not mistakes. And cost savings add up to impact cash and profitability.

Finance teams

Automate accounting transactions to modernize your processes, service colleagues better, work with confidence and achieve more with less effort.

Budget holders

Access analytics, process approvals & manage delegated budgets from a single platform. Reducing administrative touchpoints & enabling data-driven decisions.


Empower procurement teams with accurate spend data, enabling sourcing conversations that support the whole organization and sustain savings into the future.


Drive collaboration and teamwork by leveraging shared analytics and resources, encouraging teams to work efficiently and focus on common organizational goals.  

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