Automated digital invoice processing software

Transform your accounts payable function and the teams it interacts with using Compleat’s automated digital invoice processing software.

Reading captured invoices, Compleat offers tools to default the coding, define the approval routing whilst keeping track of every document online and manage the process right through to posting to your existing accounting or ERP software.

The shortcomings of manual accounts payable

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Slow invoice approvals

Without a solution to automate the capture, matching and approval of invoices, accounts payable waste time, errors creep in and fraudulent activity goes unrecognised.

Errors impact the organisation

The general/nominal ledger coding process has always reflected the knowledge and experience of accounts payable staff with humans relied on for accuracy and fraud detection.

Supply chain disruption

Late payments haunt complex supply chains and impact supplier relationships, causing harm to business operations.  You need to know who is owed what and when.

Inaccurate cash requirements planning

Ad hoc or maverick spending can lead to unexpected cash draws. Often this can be absorbed but may be felt throughout the business, impacting operations.

Fast invoice approval

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No old-fashioned time-consuming stamping, filing, photocopying, mailing or chasing.

With Compleat, invoices are captured, approved and transferred to be paid with little, or minimal, human intervention. Within both accounts payable and across the organisation, time is freed up to perform more valuable tasks.

By unifying finance (accounts payable) with spending budget holders and sourcing procurement teams, the humble invoice becomes a driver for digital change within organisations.

Fraud prevention

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From double payments and missed due dates to illegitimate invoices and undelivered goods and services, errors seem to lie-in wait for accounts payable teams, hindering invoice approvals.

Compleat automatically checks and compares the data from invoices received against sources in your accounting system and online, validating the integrity of the payments.  

Realise savings through organised data

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Not only does a well-run invoice automation process unify the organisation, it also means that invoice data is managed and stored correctly, allowing it to be utilised in ways beyond the mere transaction cycle. 

Compleat enables you to capture the header and line data of any invoice that has been through the Capture service. The data is stored by category and commodity level and can be analysed by your procurement experts – and our own – to identify achievable savings.

Better supplier relations

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Late payments, missed deadlines and calls to chaise invoices can all deter suppliers and inhibit flexibility.

Compleat streamlines your supply chain invoicing through smooth transaction flows, online buying, dashboards and accessible, usable data.

Empower your staff with Compleat and enable them to have more enjoyable and productive conversations with current and potential suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I persuade my suppliers to get on board and do what we need them to do to exploit this capability to its fullest extent?

One of the great aspects of the Compleat service is that suppliers do not need to comply with any arbitrary invoice layout or document type that we prescribe. All they need to do is email the invoices they currently send you to a new email address. We take care of the rest. A simple notification informing them of the change of email address is all it takes.

We enjoy hearing the stories of improved supplier relationships as they start to experience the benefits of the improvements in the whole end-to-end invoice approval process.

Do the costs of accessing this service outweigh the benefits?

Compleat provides the combined Capture and invoice automation service for a subscription fee which is much lower than the cost, in labour terms, of performing the equivalent tasks manually. 

However, we recognise that for small and some mid-sized organisations, labour savings are not possible. Instead, we point to the opportunity to get more value from the staff’s current time and also enhance the entire buying process through intelligence farmed from the invoices processed by our service.

Many larger organisations can recognise savings in manpower (both within finance and elsewhere) but, typically, Compleat encourages savings potential through the invoice automation service – which can outstrip potential labour savings alone.

Without the invoice data flowing through our systems, the intelligence buried within invoices is not accessible to query. Therefore, we believe passionately that every organisation – large or small – can benefit from the range of possibilities digital transformation of supplier invoice processing provides.

My organisation is constantly reinventing itself, how easy is it to keep the Compleat automation solutions aligned with our changing structure?

Compleat’s flexible workflow routing configurations are defined by each company and can be maintained by nominated administrators.  We provide online and guided training for our suites of invoice automation software to enable users to manage these settings. 

Our software is designed to be easy-to-use and, as far as possible, self-service, so that user administrators can take control and react to changes. Our enablement content and services assure each organisation can have a tailored experience that matches their business needs.

Invoice automation – delivering more than just efficiency

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Damaged relationships with colleagues, frustrated suppliers, lost opportunities to show the true picture of spend; getting invoice processing wrong can be detrimental to a business.

Our solutions make it easy and straightforward. Through automated invoice processing tools, Compleat ensures invoices are accurately coded, matched to orders and routed for prompt approval and payment.

With automated invoice processing and real-time analytics for current and historical spend, you have complete visibility of costs, improved supplier relationships and more time to focus on growing your organisation.

Finance teams

Automate accounting transactions to modernise your processes, service colleagues better, work with confidence and achieve more with less effort.

Budget holders

Access analytics, process approvals & manage delegated budgets from a single platform. Reducing administrative touchpoints & enabling data-driven decisions.


Empower procurement teams with accurate spend data, enabling sourcing conversations that support the whole organisation and sustain savings into the future.


Drive collaboration and teamwork by leveraging shared analytics and resources, encouraging teams to work efficiently and focus on common organisational goals.  

Book a demo

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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