Digital Invoice Capture Software

Looking for Digital Invoice Capture Software? Introducing: CompleatCapture - going beyond just OCR.

CompleatCapture leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to reduce the cost you pay to digitize all your invoices. While we use OCR technology for paper invoices, over 85% of the $12bn invoices we process are already being received by email from vendors as digitally rich PDFs. Extracting this data is faster, more accurate, and cheaper, replacing OCR as paper invoice volumes decline.

Automated invoice capture delivered as a service

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Manual invoice processing is labor-intensive, slow, open to errors (and fraud), and provides no visibility of invoice status until it’s finally approved and posted into your accounting software.

But digitizing your invoices addresses these challenges.

Delivered as a service, CompleatCapture extracts invoice header, and line-level information, enabling you to access spend data and make strategic purchase decisions. It also provides anti-fraud validation to verify invoices.

Simply email your invoices to our Portal (it supports multiple formats and all languages and currencies) and we’ll do the rest.


Creating data from a paper invoice image will always be required, but every business is migrating to emailing invoices as PDFs. It is faster, cheaper and GREEN!

Digital invoice capture

Emailed PDF invoices contain data to “render” the “readable” version. Extracting this data is faster and more accurate than OCR solutions. #TheFutureIsNow

Anti-fraud validation

Every invoice undergoes multiple validations, checking supplier email address, invoice format (header and line), and bank account details
to reduce potential fraud.

Automated invoice processing

Each invoice is delivered into the Compleat invoice register ready for immediate processing, including the original email and all attachments for the full audit trail.

Full audit trail

We track the status of every invoice from the moment they are received, all the way to final approval, and when they are posted to your accounts.

Zero touch

Unlike other offerings that require user review and intervention for every invoice, CompleatCapture is a “zero touch” service, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Digital e-Invoicing Whatever Your Size

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Whether you are a small business and process a handful of invoices per month or a multinational organization with a shared service center processing hundreds of thousands of invoices per annum, the CompleatCapture service will work for you.

Our advanced, open and configurable API enables all of the relevant data to be delivered to any accounting and ERP software, document management tool, or “purchase to pay” application, including our own purchase automation solutions.

Designed for Procurement Professionals

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CompleatCapture automatically delivers all the spend data analytics for every supplier, invoice & – most critically – invoice header and line-level data into CompleatProcure.

This provides your internal teams and (with written permission) our procurement specialists with instant access to full category analysis and spend consolidation at the line item level. This can be done across single or multiple organizations to increase productivity by 80% or more, resulting in more time to deliver greater savings to every customer.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

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Continuity of service and data security is absolutely essential in today’s digital-first world. CompleatCapture is deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform and leverages best-in-class security and disaster recovery services to provide a solution that’s always on and always protected.

All customer invoice data is retained for a minimum of 7 years.

Digital Invoice Security and Authentication

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With the threat of invoice fraud looming over every business – particularly those that regularly process invoices from new suppliers – having a robust solution to analyze, audit & evaluate invoices is essential.

Unlike other solutions, CompleatCapture takes a comprehensive approach to invoice auditing. It employs stringent invoice accuracy and anti-fraud validation methods, allowing you to process invoices with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I just use CompleatCapture? Yes. CompleatProcure and our Buy to Pay and Procure to Pay purchasing automation applications can be added as and when required.
Does CompleatCapture offer mobile support? Indirectly, yes. Compleat’s downstream invoice processing applications receive invoices and they have mobile apps to streamline the approval process, making it faster and easier for you to approve invoices even when you’re away from your desk. If you use Capture without a Compleat application, you will have to use another application to approve invoices.

Start your journey to end-to-end digital purchasing transformation

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Whether you’re tired of manual processes, looking for greater control and visibility of spend or just need a scalable solution, the Compleat suite of tools provides everything you need.

With the Compleat suite of tools, you can eliminate every day errors, minimize rogue spending, accurately forecast budgets, plan financials month-by-month, quickly make routine purchases, automate invoice data capture and approval and much, much more.

Ultimately, these tools lay the foundation for your digital procurement infrastructure, setting you off on your journey and enabling your organization to scale, be more efficient and reduce costs.

Simply email your invoices to our Portal (it supports multiple formats and all languages and currencies) and we’ll do the rest.


Start your digital journey with our robust, end-to-end invoice data capture software – capable of operating alone or as an integrated solution.

CompleatProcure Portal

Access real-time information and reporting for every supplier, invoice, line item description and price.

Compleat Buy to Pay

Streamline purchase and invoice approvals, as well as online purchasing from global suppliers, with this solution designed specifically for SMBs.

eCompleat Procure to Pay

Scale your procure-to-pay function using our enterprise-grade SaaS purchase-to-pay automation solution enhanced with our sophisticated procurement tools.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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