Invoice automation with simple Amazon Business integration

Accounts Payable automation software designed for the future. Transform your accounts payable function through automation. Advanced AI and machine learning software that’s tightly integrated into your existing accounting software and makes capturing invoices, GL coding and invoice workflow approvals fast and easy for everyone involved. Then enable your staff to buy online with our integration with Amazon Business because they will love you for it.

How does Compleat Software’s AP Automation help everyone across the business?

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Finance is not an island; it is a critical business hub. In today’s digital age, everyone expects to have relevant and valuable information at their fingertips and execute tasks (like approvals) on-demand, but manual, paper-based AP processes limit the value finance can deliver to the business.

But that’s where our accounts payable automation software can help.

Save everyone time

Automating the accounts payable process enables us to save those inside and outside of finance time, so they can focus on delivering value.

Buy online

By fully integrating online buying, finance gains full visibility and control over the process and everyone else gains the best buying experience, at lower costs.

Achieve end-to-end visibility

Save time with end-to-end to end visibility of every transaction (including status), instantly access transactions and set access permissions.

Benefits from ease of use

Everyone claims this, but our customers always mention it as important in their decision. Make up your own mind and take a look

Reduce costs

Whilst everyone will save money by buying online, for larger customers the savings can be $100k’s per annum.

Go live in a day

79% of our customers achieve this so they can start saving sooner.

Visibility & Control for Everyone Involved

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Our powerful search and reporting capabilities (including payment status) give instant access to the exact status of every current and historic transaction, and access can be selectively shared inside and outside finance, delivering each individual what they need to know.

Powerful Intelligent Approval Workflows

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Every business is different and all evolve over time – which is why our workflows are very simple to set up and administrate (including our unique workflow “drag and drop”) but offer a depth of sophistication to meet every requirement. Intelligent workflows enable each invoice to automatically undertake the appropriate steps (based on up to 30 different criteria) without touch. Workflows also include group approvals, concurrent approvals and can be defined at invoice header and line level.

Advanced Automated GL Coding & Workflows

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For most organizations, GL coding is a repetitive process, whether coding at invoice header or at line level.

Compleat enables you to leverage advanced machine learning capabilities to selectively “default” GL coding (using up to 30 criteria). Once set, all coding becomes 100% automated to save a great deal of time.

This defaulting capability includes workflow selection, enabling invoices to be captured, coded and dropped into the intelligent approval workflow without touch.

Accounting and ERP Software Integration API

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We enable automated and real-time integration with any accounting application, (whether Cloud or on-premise) and deployment takes minutes without the need of technical resources. Compleat automatically extracts and utilizes the supplier and GL information directly from your finance system to ensure supplier and general ledger coding accuracy and successful posting for every invoice processed.

Cost Optimization & Spend Analysis Report – Amazon Business

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Download our spend analysis report in which we summarise the details of a cost optimization analytics exercise undertaken by Compleat and Amazon Business during September 2020.

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Seeing is believing. Compleat is so simple to use and intuitive that everyone across every business enjoys the benefits from day one. Check it out and see for yourself.

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