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Smarter spend software

A strategic approach to AP and purchasing automation

AP and purchasing automation deliver many benefits, but why stop there when the world has moved online?
Through Compleat’s smarter spend software, we integrate our customers directly into supplier websites for the most cost-effective and convenient experience.
Compleat then uses the digital spend data we capture to identify and deliver you significant, sustainable savings.

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Resolving today's challenges creates tomorrow's opportunities

Whilst every manual AP process gets the job done through the hard work and diligence of the people involved, the role of accounts payable is evolving and becoming more strategic for every business – and this is where automation represents a great opportunity for accounts payable staff.

The fact is that with a manual AP process you:

  • Spend too much time dealing with supplier and internal queries about invoice status and payments
  • Receive duplicate invoices because the originals are “lost” and you end up paying both
  • Have too much paper as you have to print out every PDF invoice, manage them through the process and then file them away

Is this really the best use of everyone's time?

Lack of visibility

So much time is consumed on everyday activities which don’t add value but do create frustration both inside and outside the finance department

Disconnected buying

Corporate buying is often a free-for-all, using multiple suppliers for the same things and leaving finance to deal with the added workload

Paying too much

Every CFO knows that the business is paying too much for a lot of what it buys, but has no cost-effective way to address it

Accounts payable and purchasing automation that makes it easy, simple and fast for everyone involved

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Invoice Capture

Digitally capture the header and line information of every invoice, delivered as a service

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Invoice Automation

Use advanced “defaulting” of GL coding and workflows to automate the entire invoice process

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Online Buying

Deliver the best online buying experience for everyone via our full integration with Amazon Business

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Purchasing Automation

Make it fast, easy and convenient for the business to capture every order

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Procurement Services

Identify and secure significant savings with new and existing suppliers through our procurement service

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ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrate Compleat into your existing cloud-based or locally deployed accounting or ERP software

Simple to use and fast to deploy.
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Our application is designed to make it simple, easy and convenient for those that order, and provides finance with complete control over the entire process. Everyone wins.

If you want to see Compleat in action, we offer a 30-day free trial. Check it out for yourself using the button.

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Compleat Journey 2020

The Compleat Journey

Download our latest brochure to discover the four key steps in accounts payable automation process, ensure your AP automation journey and implementation is successful and learn how each step contributes to your business in the short and long term.

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Enabling strategic decisions and sustainable savings

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Every manual process is labour-intensive; it hides valuable information from the business, is increasingly susceptible to errors and fraud as volumes grow, and it also limits what is now possible.

AP & purchasing automation increases productivity inside and outside of the finance department, making everyone’s life easier. Real-time shared intelligence delivers better decisions and the opportunity to significantly increase profitability.

So why not buy online? It’s more convenient and usually cheaper. Deliver real-time information to everyone that needs to know (and to any device), then drive down your costs with our digital procurement services.

Transformative purchasing automation software that’s simple and effective

Easy to use

Everyone says this, but most of our customers highlight this as a key strength. Why not make your own decision?

Live in a day

Almost every customer with under 50 users is fully operational in a single day.

Complete support

Compleat comes with in-application help, linked to comprehensive online knowledge bases, backed up by our dedicated support people whenever needed.

Strategic opportunities

Compleat is designed for the future, where customers and suppliers are digitally connected, leaving people to focus on adding value.

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What our customers say

  • Client logo_ontech solutions
    “We were looking for online authorisation of invoices, avoiding paper, from anywhere. Compleat is the ideal solution ticking all our boxes, making us more efficient and streamlining other processes becoming completely paperless.”

    Alan Gilchrist

    Managing Director, Ontech Solutions

  • Client logo_Biogen
    “Compleat has helped Biogen save time and money, as well as improve processes and productivity significantly. We’re now able to process twice as many invoices as before, in less time, with fewer staff and with greater accuracy and control.”

    Rob Bartley

    AP & AR Manager, Biogen

  • Client logo_IMS fintech
    ”A fantastic user-friendly invoice approval function allows the users to check invoice payment status instantly. This has helped manage the accounts payable process more efficiently, moving towards a paperless office.”

    Kristian Galea

    Senior Manager, IMS Fintech, Malta

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