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Enhance your buying and spending

Accounting automation software for all businesses

Compleat’s suite of accounting automation software and services makes it easy for your teams to capture and utilise invoice information and control spend across the organisation.

Each solution integrates seamlessly, providing your organisation with scalable, end-to-end accounting automation software, and can work alongside existing ERP/accounting platforms.

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Solve your accounting, invoice and procurement challenges

Tired of maverick spenders, inefficient invoicing, poor budget allocation and human error? What about fraud, late payments and no visibility or control over spend?

With Compleat – whether you buy, purchase or procure – you can resolve all of these issues with ease.

Compleat leverages automation to make invoice data capture and processing simple. It not only saves you time and money, it also helps mitigate human error, fraud and late payments. Also, to provide end-to-end visibility of transactions and spend, Compleat analyses invoice data and compiles reports that allow you to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Your accounting and ERP software are hiding valuable spend data inside a finance-centric chart of accounts. Our accounting automation software empowers your teams with the means to get this information so they can make smarter spending decisions.

Finance and accounts payable frustration

Remove the burden of finance and accounts payable by giving your team a reliable set of transaction processing tools which accurately approve and code invoices.

No transparency of spend to make better decisions

Visualise current and historical invoice and transaction data in real time through intelligent automation to start making smart spending decisions.

Unable to source and sustain the best deals

Give your procurement team a head start by providing them with accurate spend data – broken down by supplier – and the means to identify potential supplier cost savings.

Features and functions to meet every accounting need

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Capture, process and action invoices with our digital and fully automated invoice capture.

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Product Overview_Feature_Time recording

Time recording

Benefit from flexible time tracking for project resources with automated approvals and rich analytics.

Product Overview_Feature_Online buying

Online buying

Often termed “Punch Out”, buy directly from the websites of preferred suppliers connected to our purchasing software.

Product Overview_Feature_Invoice


Capture, track and approve supplier invoices, saving time and increasing job satisfaction across all teams.

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Product Overview_Feature_WorkOrders


Link commitments to projects within Compleat or integrated applications through job-related spend tracking.

Product Overview_Feature_Catalogues


Present lists of pre-selected goods and services to your users to make buying from suppliers easier.

Product Overview_Feature_Procure


Transform your purchase process and make direct and indirect spending easy with digital tools.

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Product Overview_Feature_Contracts


Central management of contract information with automated calendar alerts, and monitor spend with suppliers.

Product Overview_Feature_Dashboards


Leverage spend analytics, visualise data and embed lists into transactions to support on-demand decision-making.

Product Overview_Feature_Order


Flexible purchase order options for easy buying and real-time budget visibility to help drive sustainable savings.

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Product Overview_Feature_Spend planning

Spend Planning

Centralise budget models to ensure spending is to plan, as well as create models to monitor it.

Product Overview_Feature_API


Connect Compleat applications to your whole business and extend spend control with our integration services.

Product Overview_Feature_Purchase order

Purchase order

Raise purchase orders using configurable forms and documents and buy through supplier websites.

Product Overview_Feature_Budget checking

Budget checking

Dynamically check delegated budget availability before committing spend, all without spreadsheets.

Product Overview_Feature_Connectors


Extend and enhance existing accounting/ERP solutions through real-time, automated integration options.

Product Overview_Feature_Purchase invoices

Purchase invoices

Capture, evaluate, enhance and process supplier invoices – regardless of format – automatically.

Product Overview_Feature_Multi-currency


Working with foreign currencies? Compleat allows, processes and tracks invoices in foreign currencies.

Product Overview_Feature_Expense claims

Expense claims

Automate processing of employee expense claims, paperless receipts, approvals and accounts integration.

Product Overview_Feature_Purchase-to-pay


Unify buying and invoice processing to save your finance team time and give more information to all users.

Product Overview_Feature_Multi-company


Gain central oversight of all entities, regardless of ERP, and see and control subsidiaries delegated by authority.

Product Overview_Feature_Paperless


Digitally capture invoices, along with all correspondence, and attach them to processed transactions.

Product Overview_Feature_e-Invoicing


Automatically process multiple digital supplier invoices – including PDFs – with high accuracy.

Product Overview_Feature_Capital expenditure

Capital expenditure

Record and monitor capital expenditure separately from running costs and drawdown spend against approved funds.

Product Overview_Feature_Search


Replace filing systems in dispersed locations with our speedy global search functionality.

Product Overview_Feature_Procure and source

Procure & source

Our combination of software and outsourced services delivers sustainable cost savings identified by our capture.

Product Overview_Feature_Project accounting

Project accounting

Monitor spend by job or project and link the information to your ERP/accounting software to support decision-making.

Product Overview_Feature_Mobile


Easily access and approve invoices, orders, expenses and the like from your mobile, wherever, whenever.

Product Overview_Feature_Approvals workflow

Approvals workflow

Configure approvals promptly and efficiently with dynamic selection via email and the mobile app.

Product Overview_Feature_Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Monitor the validity of invoices – by checking bank details and possible duplicates – and issue alerts for quick remediation.

Guide_Buyers Guide AP Automation

Buyer’s Guide to Accounts Payable Automation

Shopping for accounting automation software? If you’re setting out on your journey, we recommend you start with this detailed guide.

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Holistic management of your buy, purchase and procurement processes

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Our suite of accounting automation software ensures you never have to worry about lost invoices, chasing clients to avoid penalties, frustrated colleagues, loss of control over spend, outdated financial reports or cashflow pressures.

Through a single platform, your teams can capture information, share and act on insights, mandate best practice purchasing and control and manage spend across the entire organisation.

It’s time take control of your accounting. Implement Compleat today to save money through efficient operation, reduce administrative touchpoints and free colleagues from the stress of deciphering data to make smarter spending decisions.

Enhance all business units with our accounting automation software

Finance Teams

Use our software to automate accounting transactions, enabling you to modernise your processes, remove admin, support colleagues and achieve more with less.

Budget Holders

Give budget holders the tools and analytics they need to manage approvals and budget checks whenever spending decisions are sent their way.


Empower procurement teams with accurate, real-time spend data, enabling them to source the best options from suppliers and reduce costs overall.


Focus on organisational goals and improve collaboration and efficiency through the real-time sharing of financial information and resources.

Achieve efficiency today

Find out how to transform your financial processes with CompleatCapture.

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What our customers say

  • Client logo_IMS fintech
    ”A fantastic user-friendly invoice approval function allows the users to check invoice payment status instantly. This has helped manage the accounts payable process more efficiently, moving towards a paperless office.”

    Kristian Galea

    Senior Manager, IMS Fintech, Malta

  • Client logo_ontech solutions
    “We were looking for online authorisation of invoices, avoiding paper, from anywhere. Compleat is the ideal solution ticking all our boxes, making us more efficient and streamlining other processes becoming completely paperless.”

    Alan Gilchrist

    Managing Director, Ontech Solutions

  • Client logo_Fevore group
    “We set out to be paper free and finding Compleat took care of the whole process for us. We especially like the integration with our accounts software”.

    Felicity Field

    Director, Fevore Group Ltd