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Helping YOU To Achieve The Extraordinary

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At Compleat we have one goal - to enable businesses to achieve the extraordinary. How does AP automation, or online buying do this?
Simply put  - a penny saved is a penny earned - or rather another penny that you can invest into what really matters to YOU.
Your product, your service. Your team, your customers.

Remember, every invoice your team doesn't have to handle is time saved.
Every time your team can buy what they need when they need it in a way that works for them this is time saved. & time is money!

Our 4 Easy To Understand Product Plans

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With 4 easy to understand products, there really is no easier way to simplify the way that we buy & pay in this ever-changing world.
To make this even simpler - you could be live within a day.

Take control of these frustrating parts of your business, gain the visibility you need to make better decisions &, most importantly, do this with a product your team will love. After all, what's the point of using technology if the people in your business stay stuck in their old ways of doing things?

Say goodbye to lost orders & invoices. Say goodbye to maverick spend. Welcome to the new world.   #TheFutureIsNow 

Invoice Automation
Compleat digital invoice
Invoice header & line level capture
Full mobile application
Multi currency & language
Workflow approvals
Unlimited approval steps
Concurrent approval
Proposed payments on the move
Accounting / ERP integration

Everything in Invoice Automation PLUS...
Compleat integrated online buying
Integration with more than 50 stores
Order requisition automation
Pre-order workflow approvals
Digital ordering
Auto GL coding processes
Invoice to PO match 2 way matching
Additional Compleat reports

Digital Procurement
All the functionality
Advanced Spend Analytics
The Compleat Data Lake insights
Line level data on
every invoice
Category management
e-tendering support
Supplier selection analysis
Savings deep dive &

Want To See What All The Fuss Is About?

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Book a demo to see what we're rattling on about! One of our team members will run you through the solution & you can ask all the questions your heart desires!

Invoice Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

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For many organizations, Accounts Payable automation is the most logical starting point to handle some of the more painful, tedious, &  manual tasks.
It's easy to understand why. It just makes sense.
AP Automation & invoice capture have been around for years. The technology is well established & has continued to advance at a rapid pace to support businesses of all shapes & sizes. 
Combining all this with remote work - you'll be sure to know which bills are due which is critical to maximizing organizational business functionality. 

Purchase to Pay

P2P or Purchase-to-Pay

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This used to be something that only the biggest of businesses could really consider looking at. Companies with significant buying power - Supermarkets for instance. 
At Compleat this didn't make any sense to us. In fact, it downright annoyed us!
Why shouldn't every business, big or small, be able to take the next logical step in automation? Well, now everyone can. Whether you start out simply buying more online, or you feel ready to explore your spending & savings - we have you covered. With new integrations being developed every week, you can be sure to purchase from any of your preferred online markets.

Our Customers Compleat Us

Compleat Customers

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With over 450 customers across the world, we are delighted to say that our software is built with our customers in mind. Whatever size, industry, set up, or industry we can safely say that every one of our customers is on the road to achieving something extraordinary. 

From The London Zoological Society to CIPFA & from The Girls Day School Trust to Biogen, we are focused on making sure that our customers exceed their goals.

It's Not About The Numbers Or Equations Or Algorithms...

It's Just #RealTalk...

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We are a High Performer quadrant in the G2 Grid® for AP Automation, Invoice Management & Purchasing!

Plus, G2 have awarded us a Users Love Us Badge for our fantastic reviews. 

Compleat Software is a leader in Purchasing on G2Users love Compleat Software on G2

Does it get any better than that? Actually, it does... 

4,800,318 Invoices Handled
Trusted Worldwide
586 Happy Customers

37 Schools. 220 Users. Live in 1 day... Welcome to The Whitehorse Federation Trust

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Looking for proof that we're able to do what we say we can? Well, check out the testimonial from The Whitehorse Federation Trust & learn how they took the steps towards achieving something extraordinary.

Our Partners Compleat The Cycle

Compleat Partners

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From accounting software & integration partners to online retailers & marketplaces we aim to provide a full automation journey to our customers. 
For everyone to achieve the extraordinary it is important we can provide a full end-to-end digital process. 
Integrations are available on a multitude of systems, from SAP to Quickbooks & online buying from Amazon Business to YPO.

Become a partner & get compleat control of your reselling program.

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Take top-line revenue | An Online partner portal | Co-branded & white-label options | Free onboarding & training | Free internal use... The options are endless. So, what are you waiting for?

Ready For The Revolution?

Working From Home...

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We have it all covered: from raising purchase orders & integrated online buying to automated invoice data capture & PO matching, our digital Buy to Pay solution makes it easy for everyone involved & can be used anywhere, anytime.

Working From home...
Who is Compleat?

1 Team. 1 Mission. 1 World

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No company is anything more than the sum of its parts. This is something that we never forget!
Why not get to know us a little better, see what we get up to, meet the team!

Compleat Team

Budget Holder Management: Why Are Finance Teams & Budget Holders Still Disconnected?

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There has always been a disconnect between finance teams & budget holders. No matter the size of the business, budget holders suffer from a lack of real-time information & finance suffers from budget holders’ lack of priority for all things financial...